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I bought a loaf of Challah this past week at Yum in St. Louis Park. And I realized there was really no way we were going to get through the whole thing if I didn’t do something about it. I started looking around, and found a recipe for Berry French Toast on Cookinglight.com. I knew I had frozen berries in the freezer to go with the bread I was trying to get rid of, so it sounded perfect. But when it started baking it started smelling really sweet. Maybe too much sugar? Maybe not enough bread? It turned out just okay. The bread may have been too soft, or the sugar too potent. It wasn’t the worst breakfast I’ve had, but certainly not the best. But it sure was pretty!


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I planted 5 basil plants this past spring. And then a coworker brought me a pot of basil seedlings that she didn’t have room for. The result? A whole lot of beautiful basil. I had been picking it through the summer for pastas and salads, but now that the temperature is dropping into the 40s, it’s time to make pesto. I got this recipe for Blender Pesto from Jen, but I used a food processor. The pesto turned out a little thinner than I’ve made in the past, but it still tasted great and mixed with the pasta very well. I love the idea of growing something and then enjoying it through the winter. We’ve got another batch to make yet, and five portions in the freezer. Guess I need other ideas of what to do with Pesto this winter!

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Feet tired. Crowds getting annoying. Subway waits getting long. But we still had to eat.

After a trip through MOMA, lunch at an Indian Buffet in Manhattan.

Followed by a rich chocolate cupcake at Magnolia Bakery.

And a really amazing Burger and Fries at Bartabac in Brooklyn.

Then off to the airport and back to the reality of real life in the Midwest. Which really ain’t all that bad.

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More walking, but it was worth it to get a bagel and egg sandwich at Terrace Bagels near Prospect Park. Really, I’ve never had a bagel like that. It was crisp and soft at the same time. The egg was an actual egg, the bacon was really meaty. Amazing. And I ate it on a park bench, in the morning sun. Perfect.

Then walking through Brooklyn we saw Samantha Brown. A few weeks before I left for this trip, I watched Ms. Brown’s episode on Brooklyn. I brought her list of must-sees with me, never excepting to see her in person. I didn’t stop to chat (I’m from Minnesota, we don’t talk to strangers, especially famous ones), but we did head north from the bagel place to One Girl Cookies (a must-see on her list). I tried a whoopie pie, two pumpkin cake cookies with a cream cheese filling. Yum.

Then more walking, some real shopping in Midtown Manhattan and a grilled panini sandwich at a classic New York deli.

After some more walking we ended up at Washington Square near NYU. There was a street fair of some sort going on, and a spice vendor was selling the most amazing array of spices and teas. I picked up some spiced hot chocolate mix and some Manhattan Earl Gray teas. Now I can’t wait until it snows so I can make some real hot chocolate.

Eventually we ended up back in Brooklyn and had dinner at a really fabulous italian place called Savoia. Our server was fabulous. She looked Irish, dressed midwestern, but was clearly Italian.  We shared a beet salad and I tried the shrimp risotto, while Jen tried the fusilli with pesto and shrimp. (We ate outside and it was pretty dark, so photos weren’t really an option, sorry.

After dinner we walked up and down Smith Street and found one of the only stores still open at that hour was the Nutbox. We stopped in and I bought a beautiful bag of dark chocolate covered almonds for just $2.50. Quite a bargain. Shoulda bought more….

By then out stomachs were full and our feet were barely moving. We had a nightcap with Jen’s sister and bro-in-law before heading to bed. We had one more day to explore the big city…. more tomorrow!

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Friday in New York

We’re back from a quick tour of Brooklyn and Manhattan. We ate a lot and walked even more, and found ourselves stopping at restaurants just to sit down (and use the ladies). Regardless, we started the adventure in Chinatown…

I had two goals. Eat amazing dumplings. Find bargain knock-off purse. We did both.


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I’m heading out on vacation bright and early in the morning with Jen. We’re spending three days in New York City, wandering the streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn on a quest for cheese and chocolate. Back early next week!

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It’s that time again.. Apple and Pumpkin Season! This past weekend, Husband and I headed southwest to Emma Krumbees. I had heard of it, and I’d driven by it, but I’d never been. Most of the orchards I’ve been to are in remote areas, surrounded by the fruit trees. Emma Krumbees was right off the highway, trees and all. we skipped the pony rides, the scarecrow festival and the camel and just focused on the produce. We picked up a bag of Honeycrisp apples and a few pumpkins. (If you’ve never had a Honeycrisp apple, you must. I’ll leave it at that).

A pile full of squash.

Traditional pumpkins.

And not so traditional pumpkins.

On the way back to the cities, we stopped by this huge barn-like building. They had a sign advertising the 51 flavors of licorice they carry. We had no choice but to stop.

The place was loaded with apples and jams and salsas and so much retro candy it almost hurt my eyes.

And finally, we bought a pie. An apple, rhubarb, raspberry pie. It was warm, right out of the oven. (There was a light on the front of the barn with a sign that read “when the light is on, pies are baking.” The light was on so I bought a pie.) And it was delicious.

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