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We’ve been lazy lately, with good reason, but I finally made a meal from scratch. It was a simple one, from an article in Cooking Light about quick recipes with a minimal number of ingredients, but still it was pretty delicious.The dish is called Roasted Tilapia with Orange-Parsley Sauce. I served it with Husband’s Wasabi Mashed Potatoes and it was light and spring-like and made me happy. The fish was roasted in a warm oven. The sauce was just a few oranges, parsely, orange rind, oil and salt. The potatoes were, of course, loaded with sour cream and wasabi.


When I was cutting the oranges apart, I flashed back to Iron Chef America where the chefs often use a technique called “Supreme” when they cut their citrus. It is supposed to give you just the fruit, while the pith and tough segments are discarded. This is much harder than it looks. Here is a great tutorial on how to do it.

Much easier than it looks.

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I had to run down to Paper Source today over lunch and fortunately, right next door, is one of the best restaurants in the Twin Cities, Lucia’s Wine Bar. Even better is the bakery, deli attached called Lucia’s TO GO. What’s better than an amazing meal than one that is affordable and accessible during almost any waking hour?

After picking up my goods at PS, I stopped by and got a cup of sweet potato soup and side of bread and um, yeah, a chocolate sea salt cookie. Look at the size of that cup! I could barely finish it (honestly) and all of that was only $4.99.

They also have salads, sandwiches, pasta salads, and of course, the display cases are overflowing with beautiful baked goods. I also think they do dinner entree’s for pickup. Now that seems like a much better idea than this.

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Again, maybe this is pushing it for a food blog, but I saw this print on Etsy and couldn’t stop laughing. It’s done by a local artist, Shelli (dazey chic) and available for purchase at her Etsy site. We’ve all seen a bird with a french fry, right? That’s Happy. Next time you’re down, just think about a bird. With a Fry.

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I met a couple friends for lunch yesterday at what has quickly become our favorite lunch place, The Good Day Cafe. We started meeting there because it was centrally located to where the three of us worked, and we had such a good experience, we just keep meeting there. For good reason.


Today I ordered the Iggy’s Fried Egg sandwich, served with their delicious Good Day Cafe potatoes. I substituted bacon for the ham (duh) and the potatoes were crisp and, and, um, I want to know what else was in them because they were delicious.


The girls shared the BLT&A, which can not be beat. The also ordered side salads, which were huge. Not sure what they could be considered the side of, but they were loaded with vegetables. And the buns that came with them were just adorable. Yum.

Did I also mention there’s a bakery on site, and I happened to find a cookie on the way out?

Again, yum.

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I saw a blurb about this service, Eat Generation, last week in the Star Tribune Taste Section, and I’m wondering if anyone has heard of it or even tried it? From what I can tell, this company has a number of menus online. You pick what you want for dinner that night, theyll deliver it to a number of companies around town by 4pm. If you work at one of those locations, great, your dinner package is delivered to you. If not, you make another stop on the way home. Then when you get home, you spend another 30 minutes putting the meal together. Okay – so it’s a nice idea. But how hard is it to put a meal together from ingredients already in your pantry? Or if you’re already making a stop, what about stopping at Lunds or a local co-op for their pre-assembled meals which DON’T require another 30 minutes of cooking.

I’m not sold on the idea. Cooking a healthy meal on a weekday doesn’t have to be very hard. Or very expensive. But if I’m ordering a dinner and picking it up and spending the extra money for the convenience, I don’t want to cook it after a long day at the office.


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Cereal, Story?

I know this is supposed to be a food blog, all about eating, cooking, drinking, enjoying, etc. So is it really a stretch to offer this link to a beautiful story written by a friend? It takes place in a kitchen, more specifically inside a cereal box. That’s food related, right?


If you like it sign up to receive links to the rest of the chapters. And join me as we follow Angelo!

Oh, and have a great weekend.

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I always thought Aprons were so old-fashioned. I really only wear one when I’m baking during the holiday season. But then I heard about the adorable aprons at www.flirtyaprons.com. Hello! I will cook, bake, braise, boil, stir-fry, baste, etc. in any one of these beauties. Anytime.

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