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I Made a Skirt

It’s Finished! Yes, I made a skirt. It was my first project with the new sewing machine and I love it. I chose a “simple” A-line pattern, that included a wasitband and a zipper. (Why did I chose a pattern with a zipper?) I chose two beautiful Amy Butler fabrics. When I had questions on the zipper (of course) I brought the skirt to Treadle Yard Goods in St. Paul and the wonderful, knowledgable sales staff helped me out. (BTW – they are amazing, ask them anything!)

And the best part? I finished it just in time to bring it to Mexico and wear it on the beach. Okay, so a safety pin helped me out, but it was close enough.

As for the sewing machine? I love it. It is so easy to use, but more importantly, it’s easy to fix when something goes wrong. I was proud of myself for figuring out the few little issues that came up.

I have a lot of projects in the queue, so stay tuned for more sewing!

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Outta Here…

Can’t take any more snow, cold, wind chills or icy sidewalks. So I’m heading to the beach for a week. Take care, stay warm, and I’ll try to bring back some sunshine.


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I spent the afternoon of New Year’s Day Snowshoeing with a few very good friends. We went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, which is a very beautiful and amazing place. If you’ve never been, swing by there sometime. Or at least visit their website. There’s so much to learn and see and do there! We just bundled up and trudged through the crispy snow, making jokes and laughing at with each other.

Thanks ladies (and John), for helping me celebrate the end of a beautiful year!

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Husband and I both had a day off last week, so we dropped Daughter at daycare and promptly went downtown for Breakfast. He had never been to Hell’s Kitchen before, and I had only been there for lunch. We started off with a couple Bloody Mary’s. (One each, not a couple each) and then moved onto the main deal. He ordered the Shrimp and Crab Cake with Poached Egg. I ordered the Classic American Breakfast with two eggs, potatoes and bacon. I also ordered, and this is the best part, one lemon-ricotta pancake.

These pancakes are like eating a bit of heaven. They literally melt in your mouth. There’s no butter or syrup necessary. Why would you ruin it? Really, you must try these. Or at least one. The rest of the meal was good. Hell’s Kitchen has a great vibe, in the basement of an office building with brick walls with classic movies playing on the big screens. But honestly, to me it’s all about these pancakes. They serve them at lunch as well. Anyone want to meet for lunch? Soon?

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Meet Beatrice

Husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas. He was very familiar with the whole Target Sewing Machine Fiasco, and surprised me by letting me go to the Creative Sewing Center and picking out my own machine! So, not really much of a surprise, but exactly what I wanted. And I’m so, so, so, excited. I chose this machine, a Brother SE-350 Model for a number of reasons. At first I wanted a Singer machine. It was what I grew up with and I knew the brand was good. But they’re expensive! The woman at the store (which I’d highly recommend) showed us all the entry-level Singers and then mentioned that for the same price, I could get this Brother machine that also does Embroidery. Embroidery? Huh, never thought of that. That could be cool… someday… Plus, the Brother machine was much smaller than the Singer and with my limited desk space, I thought it was perfect.

So here she is, Meet Beatrice. Named after my grandmother, who taught me to sew when I was in high school. I can’t sit down at a sewing machine without thinking of her, or seeing her fingers replacing yet another broken needle.

I can’t wait to get started. I had a lesson at the Creative Sewing Center and machines sure have changed in 30 years. This machine practically sews for you! No more threading needles or cutting thread. I have fabric and patterns piling up and the ideas keep coming.

The first project I started was a skirt for myself. I picked up some Amy Butler fabric at Treadle Yard Goods. The women there were more than helpful and told me to take my time and I’d figure it out. So far, so good. But I’m taking my time. Wish me luck!

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