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I’ve been reading a lot about the new movement to encourage people to eat less meat. I am certainly not a vegetarian, but I also don’t feel I need meat at every meal. I decided to jump on board, so last night I knew I had a whole lot of eggs and a large bunch of broccoli from the Farmers Market. I quickly googled “Broccoli” and “Frittata” and I found the perfect recipe,

It was easy, it used ingredients I had on hand, and it was good. Really good. I served it with some good crusty bread, a bowl of fresh blueberries and kiwi and a side of salsa. Delicious. And meatless!

And on a totally unrelated topic, I made a batch of Rhubarb Muffins this weekend from this recipe. They are delicious. For some reason, my muffins rarely turn out. They’re either too dry or too moist or too boring, but these are really, really good. Really good.


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My Grandmother passed away a few years ago. Before she did, we kept her off-season clothes in our guest room closet. I’m not really sure why I was nominated to store her clothes, but it never really bothered me, and it was nice to have a piece of her here in our house.

I also was given a box full of her jewelry to hang on to. And I still have it. There are no jewels or diamonds, primarily costume jewelry and a lot of clip-on earrings. I went through it when I first got it and chose a few pieces I liked that I thought I’d wear. Recently I’ve been feeling nostalgic and found the box to see what other treasures it held.

I found a couple of bracelets that I’ll wear, but it was this pendant that really blew me away. I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before. I adore the butterfly and flowers, and wish I had a memory of her wearing it. I’m sure she did. I remember shadow boxes with butterflies  covering their walls and Grandpa always had an amazing flower garden.

I love it, and I’m so glad I took another look through the box.

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I’ve been on a bird kick this spring. I love listening to the birds outside my bedroom window early in the morning. I love watching the baby birds being fed by their parents outside our kitchen window (living in the bird houses Husband built), and I love seeing birds in artwork and fabric and other inspiring places.

I love the birds in Rachel Ann Austin’s work.

This sweet little buy on this necklace I found from Ruche.

These fabric bird houses from an adorable shop in Soho.

These bird wall tiles from (hush) Crate and Barrel.

And this print on the PJs I picked up for Daughter at Target.

They’re so happy and bright, they just make my day. Speaking of, it’s time to have another weekend. I plan to meet my Mom for lunch, do some sewing, make a Key Lime Pie and go for a few walks with the family. What about you?

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I joined an International Fat Quarter Swap through Bree’s blog, Me and My 2 Guys. And silly me, I didn’t realize that Bree, and as it turns out, and most of her readers are in Australia! How cool is that? I rarely get readers outside of Minnesota (more like just family and friends), but to connect with fellow sewing-addicted-bloggers from Down Under? Cool.

So, I was paired up with a woman named Fran, who also has a young daughter, also doesn’t quilt, but loves to sew. My job is to send her a Fat Quarter by the end of next week. I’d love to find something unique to Minnesota, or at least the Midwest. Any recommendations or ideas? I’ll be heading to Treadle soon if I can’t figure it out. The experts are sure to have ideas.

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We made it over to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market this weekend along with nearly every other person who lives in the Twin Cities. It was so crowded, we could barely get our little tiny stroller through the crowds. (We had considereing bringing the backpack carrier, but figured it wouldn’t be THAT crowded. It was.) Maybe it was all of the wagons being dragged through the crowd, really? You need that huge wagon for a three aisle wide market? I love seeing the community support our local farmers, but it’s frustrating when we’re trying to actually buy some groceries!

Anyway, enough ranting. We loaded up on fresh and local rhubarb, asparagus, broccoli, eggs and chicken. I can’t wait to try to make the asparagus we had in New York, and to make some rhubarb muffins. If you have a recipe I should try please let me know, I’m having a hard time finding a reliable one online.

If you’ve never been to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market you really should go. All the vendors and products are local. And there is so much more than just produce! There’s Bison, Cave-aged cheese, Handmade Soap, Fresh Egg Rolls, Plants, Herbs, Handmade Sweaters, Bags, Fresh Bread, I could go on. Just make sure you don’t bring your big, huge wagon.

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