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Anna and I have been waiting for the Tea House to open their Minneapolis location for nearly a year. And so finally last week, after a quick stop at the Textile Center, we stopped in for a delightful lunch.

We both ordered lunch specials and were treated to  a simple soup loaded with pork and tofu.

We then moved onto an order of the Juicy Buns. These were very similar to the first dumplings I had in NYC’s Chinatown. Our blonde, blue-eyed server gave us a quick lesson on how to eat them and for that I was grateful. Basically, you bite off the top (the twisty part), pour in some of the ginger sauce served on the side, and  then try to eat it as gracefully as possible without it slipping from your chopsticks and into the soup spoon you’re hopefully holding right underneath it. They were delightful and oh, such a mess.

Not that I was still hungry, but the Kung Poa Chicken I ordered was delicious and a huge serving. It was loaded with peanuts and some vegetables and became my lunch the following day as well.

I can’t wait to go back. Every time I think of the Juicy Buns my mouth waters. Yummmmmm……. who’s got time for a lunch date?


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Not Real Simple

I saw this photo in the latest issue of Real Simple. It’s a chocolate cupcake with a marshmellow melted on top. Simple. Three minutes before the cupcakes are done, place a marshmellow on top and continue baking. Got it. So, three minutes before my cupcakes were done I placed marshmellows on top. Not so good.

Not one of my dozen cupcakes looking anything like this. Instead, two or three looked to be wearing little white berets cocked on the side of their heads. The other nine marshmellows had slid off and melted all over the muffin pan. Marshmellows are sticky. Especially when they’ve melted. Guess I’ll stick with regular frosting next time.

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For dinner last night we made these Bean Burritos from Cooking Light in honor of Meatless Monday. Great idea, not so great recipe. The beans were just boring, even with double the garlic, double the chipotle powder and HOT salsa. Oh well, it came together really quickly (about 15 minutes) and it filled us up. I’ll need to look around for a better meatless option next week…

(if you’re confused, I ate mine like tacos, just because)

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Peaches & Chicken

I ran across this recipe for Grilled Chicken and Peaches in Bon Appetit and knew we had to try it. Peaches are so delicious right now, plus i had plenty of chicken breasts in the freezer just waiting for a good idea. There’s something about grilling fruit that brings out the flavor and makes it irresistable. Add a bit of chipotle pepper and the dish is sure to be a success. And it was. We’ll be making it again, and soon, before the peaches turn to stones.

Sure wish that sister of mine could ship some Colorado Peaches my way….

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Tracy gave me this beautiful cookbook for my birthday. She obviously knows my love for Farmer’s Markets, particularly the St. Paul Farmer’s Market. The recipes are organized by season and includes a preserving section, which is just around the corner.

There are so many good recipes in here, but this one for the Plum Tarte just made my mouth water. Can’t you just taste the butter in that crust? Yum.

Thanks, Tracy!

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There’s a cool event coming up here in Minneapolis in a couple weeks. I don’t know much about it, but hope to stop by. From what I can figure out there will be food and wine and speakers. And it’s all local. Good enough!

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Meet My Kohlrabi

I love Kohlrabi. Or actually, I love the word Kohlrabi. I love how it grows, with all those crazy leaves shotting off it. I love that it looks like a space ship. I love that it’s crunchy and green and grows easily in my garden. But I really, really, don’t LOVE to eat Kohlrabi. So, I ask you, dear reader, what should I do with this beast? Any ideas?

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