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I made this Caramel Apple Cake last weekend. It was a ton of work. It has a ton of calories. I almost gave up half way through, but stuck it out. It was worth it. I think.

I’m off to Denver in the morning to celebrate my Nephew’s Second Birthday. See you next week!


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The Kitchen Cure

I just joined the Fall 2010 Kitchen Cure through Apartment Therapy. Each week I’ll receive an email with an assignment and tips on organizing my kitchen. It’s not that my kitchen is dirty, in fact we just cleaned out the fridge,  um, a few weeks ago, But our kitchen is small. With limited storage space. So things build up. And with a family that loves to cook and eat, we often have more food in our kitchen that we can store. I’ve also struggled with storing my spices since we remodeled our kitchen four years ago. Just can’t figure out a system. And every time I need to dig through the cupboard for cumin or cinnamon I get frustrated. So, I’m off to start organizing. Here is a before photo (please don’t look too closely!)

I’ll post some after photos, well, After!

PS: Yep, that’s a cake down there in the cake dome. More on that tomorrow!

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It was so beautiful out this weekend. So Beautiful! It’s October, but it feels like June. Or July, Or even August. Eighty-degrees? Seriously. It was so nice we enjoyed a impromptu dinner outside at Ginger Hop on Saturday night. We started with the Crab Cakes and Sweet Potato Fries (for the Daughter) and then we each tried a curry. Maybe it was the patio, but the whole meal was delightful. We’ll be back….

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Thanks for all your favorite Fair Foods last week! There was such a huge variety of favorites, most notably Cheese Curds, Cotton Candy and Mini-Donuts. This year we tried many things, including the cheese curds shown above. But in case you still haven’t gone, there are a couple new things you must try. The wine ice cream (we tried the Red Raspberry) is really, really good. They’re selling it in the wine section of the agriculture building. We also shared the Peaches and Cream from the Salty Tart. Wow. I only wanted a bite, but ended up eating about half of it. Wow. Fresh Peaches and I’m not sure what else, but I’m sure there was a scoop of heaven in the there somewhere.

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Anna and I have been waiting for the Tea House to open their Minneapolis location for nearly a year. And so finally last week, after a quick stop at the Textile Center, we stopped in for a delightful lunch.

We both ordered lunch specials and were treated to  a simple soup loaded with pork and tofu.

We then moved onto an order of the Juicy Buns. These were very similar to the first dumplings I had in NYC’s Chinatown. Our blonde, blue-eyed server gave us a quick lesson on how to eat them and for that I was grateful. Basically, you bite off the top (the twisty part), pour in some of the ginger sauce served on the side, and  then try to eat it as gracefully as possible without it slipping from your chopsticks and into the soup spoon you’re hopefully holding right underneath it. They were delightful and oh, such a mess.

Not that I was still hungry, but the Kung Poa Chicken I ordered was delicious and a huge serving. It was loaded with peanuts and some vegetables and became my lunch the following day as well.

I can’t wait to go back. Every time I think of the Juicy Buns my mouth waters. Yummmmmm……. who’s got time for a lunch date?

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Not Real Simple

I saw this photo in the latest issue of Real Simple. It’s a chocolate cupcake with a marshmellow melted on top. Simple. Three minutes before the cupcakes are done, place a marshmellow on top and continue baking. Got it. So, three minutes before my cupcakes were done I placed marshmellows on top. Not so good.

Not one of my dozen cupcakes looking anything like this. Instead, two or three looked to be wearing little white berets cocked on the side of their heads. The other nine marshmellows had slid off and melted all over the muffin pan. Marshmellows are sticky. Especially when they’ve melted. Guess I’ll stick with regular frosting next time.

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There’s a cool event coming up here in Minneapolis in a couple weeks. I don’t know much about it, but hope to stop by. From what I can figure out there will be food and wine and speakers. And it’s all local. Good enough!

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