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Jen hosted pARTy the other night (more about that on the other blog in a couple days), and Jess from Fifth Lamp Down brought the most amazing Plum Tartlets. They were delicious and now I’m really craving more… I found this recipe for Plum Puff Dumplings on Food & Wine today and I think I’ll have to make it. Soon. Isn’t the photo beautiful?


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Not Real Simple

I saw this photo in the latest issue of Real Simple. It’s a chocolate cupcake with a marshmellow melted on top. Simple. Three minutes before the cupcakes are done, place a marshmellow on top and continue baking. Got it. So, three minutes before my cupcakes were done I placed marshmellows on top. Not so good.

Not one of my dozen cupcakes looking anything like this. Instead, two or three looked to be wearing little white berets cocked on the side of their heads. The other nine marshmellows had slid off and melted all over the muffin pan. Marshmellows are sticky. Especially when they’ve melted. Guess I’ll stick with regular frosting next time.

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Cocoa & Fig

The first time I had a cupcake from Cocoa & Fig I was standing on Nicollet Mall with my friend Lisa. I was in heaven. And not just because Lisa is awesome company, but the Cupcake. Was. Amazing. At the time C&F only had a booth at the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market. Now they have a store on the skyway level of the Mall. And that’s spectacular. It means I can get a cupcake nearly every day. I don’t have to wait around for a Thursday. In the summer. And since my birthday unfortunately fell on a Monday this year, I could still get a birthday cupcake. I chose the “Chocolate Chocolate Buttermilk” because, frankly, anything with chocolate in it’s name twice has to be chosen. It was delicious. All four bites of it.

BTW, my friend Chandler did the beautiful illustrations on the Minnesapolis Farmer’s Market website. You can see more of her work here.

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We had so much good food this past weekend. Above are a few photos, below are some links if you want to find some for yourself!

The Smile

Hester Street Fair

The Sweet Life

Il Corolla

Terrace Bagels

Sweet Melissa Patisserie

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I spent this past Saturday night with three wonderful friends, one who had a birthday to celebrate~ Instead of going out, we decided to stay in and had a lovely Thai dinner. There was seafood ceviche, shrimp and tofu spring rolls, Thai vegetables and a fabulous Coconut Shrimp Curry. I was asked to bring Dessert, and as luck would have it, the January issue had a recipe for Coconut Cake. How appropriate!

It called for coconut milk in the cake, along with shredded coconut and chocolate chunks. There’s also a quick glaze made with more coconut milk and coconut flakes. I thought it was pretty good, but surprisingly, a little dry. The recipe said it was similar to a coffee cake and it was, for it seemed a little casual for a birthday celebration. It would be great on a brunch buffet or for an afternoon tea. Either way, it was easy and came together very quickly. And it helped us celebrate a birthday!

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Every year I make a batch of Gingerbread Men. I love the little guys. I love the holiday flavors of nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. I love to decorate them with white frosting and red hots. And I love to share them through the holidays. But this year I made the mistake and tried a new recipe. Ugh. What a mess. I knew something was wrong when I started to roll out the dough and it was so thick and pale in color. Really? Light brown gingerbread? But I kept going, rolled the dough out cut out a bunch of little men. I baked them. I let them cool. But when I went to move them from the cookie sheet to the cooling rack a head popped off. And then another.

Until half of my little men had detached heads. Well, that’s not going to work. Needless to say, I was disappointed. I certainly could not share these little men without heads.

So, I started over. I found the recipe I used last year (and will use every year from here on out) and made up another batch. These were a lovely dark brown color (1 1/2 cups molasses will do that) and they rolled out beautifully and their little heads stayed attached.

I still need to decorate them, but I’m relieved to have a kitchen full of gingerbread men. I’m sure my family and friends will be too! Enjoy!

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I’m addicted to blogs. Particularly blogs by strong, creative women who cook, or make art or both. One blog that I’ve become addicted to is called Kitchen Sketches.  Stephanie makes these fabulous collages, which are so inspiring. And she writes about food and cooking a lot. Recently she posted this fabulous recipe for Pumpkin-Coconut cookies. I love anything Pumpkin, from soup, to cake, to cookies? And I love Coconut, especially in cookies. I had also never heard of the combination so I had to give it a shot. They were delicious. The coconut was subtle, but provided a nice texture to the cookie, while the pumpkin was slightly sweet and a touch savory.

PS: No Wednesday Walk this week, I totally forgot!

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