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A while back I bought a great pattern from Danger Craft’s Etsy page of this adorable monster. Her name is Penelope. Now that the holidays are over and we’re back from Mexico, I decided to finally start it. I realized I can’t work on sewing projects in front of the TV, so knitting is the answer. But I”m a beginning knitter, I’ve been limited to scarfs and scarfetts. This monster is a big undertaking. Jen came over last night to help me work through some issues, but now I’m ready to get moving. Wish me luck!

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Etsy Find(s)

I’ve been looking through Etsy for a simple necklace to give my Niece for the Holidays. She’s 11, so I don’t want anything too childish, but I still want to find something fun. Without breaking the bank. I found a few great options.

I love these simple circles from Daisy Chains.

And this smiling star from MaryMaryHandmade.

Or this amazing little bird from ZoozJewelry.

None of these would be limited to a tween, in fact, I might just need to order one of these little elephants from ZoozJewelry for myself!

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A Few Fun Finds…


(photo from etsy)

I’ve been trying not to buy anything lately. No reason really, other than I already have too much stuff, so why add more? But there are a few things that might make me give in to the impulse.

These adorable hats are one. I mean, it gets cold here and a baby girl needs to stay warm, right?

And check out these earrings…. perfect for all those holiday parties!

This bowl... how does he do that?

And this table runner…. again, the holidays are approaching.

And these plates. Just because they make me smile.

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