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Well, I promised. And a promise is a promise. So here goes.

I’m changing things up. This blog, The Write Ingredients, is going back to it’s roots. It’s going back to Food. All about eating food, and cooking food, and exploring ingredients, local (and not-so-local) goodies, and chocolate. Because you have to have chocolate.

But, but, you say. But what about all the sewing and drawing and art fairs and all that stuff? Well, that’s moving to a new home. (This is where the drumroll comes in…). I’d like to introduce you to…

It’s my new blog which will host my creative endeavors, including paper goods, sewing fun, design (graphic and otherwise) and my dreams. I’m still working on the details, and the Etsy shop, but it’s all coming soon. (Like next week if I can get my %$$^ together).

So hang tight, add it to your reader, and I’ll see you after the 4th. Happy Celebrating!

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I made daughter a backpack. It was based on the drawstring backpack I made for myself a while back. I made hers roughly half the size, and used cord instead of making the straps. I used a bit of Fredrika fabric from Ikea (Bought 2 yards – couldn’t resist!). I love it. She loves it. She’s very proud of it, and every morning we put her yogurt and extra shoes in it and she wears it into school daycare. Her teachers Oooh and Aaah when she puts it on when I pick her up, and the other mothers ask me where I got it. Well, I will tell you!

Just not yet. Things are going to change around here. Not too much, just a little bit. More tomorrow though, I’m still putting the pieces in place. But no worries, you’ll be happy. And I’ll be happy.

Stay tuned….

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Last summer I went to the Kingfield Farmer’s Market on a whim. I had heard it was cute and neighborhoody (is that a word?) and had some cool stuff. And it was. Whoever told me was right. I remember weaving my monstrous stroller through the tiny aisles and checking out the local mushrooms and beautiful jams and handmade purses. I also remember being hungry. (I was still nursing, I was always hungry.) I maneuvered my way to the back corner where I saw a trailer selling some food. At the time I had no idea that is was the famous Chef Shack or that the 1000 Hills hot dog I would soon be consuming would be the Best. Hot. Dog. I’d. Ever. Had. Whew. It was good. I smothered it in Bacon Ketchup (yep, bacon ketchup) and some spicy peppers and ate it while pushing the behemoth stroller with one greasy hand. It was good. Really good. So imagine my excitement when I heard that the Chef Shack will be coming to a corner near me on a regular basis!

Follow this link to read about it in the Star Tribune, or “Like” them on Facebook. I”m sure they’ll like that.

And just to confuse you, the photo above is of the hot dog I enjoyed a the Twins game a few weeks back. It was NOT from the Chef Shack or from 1000 Hills, but it was good. And proof that I enjoy a good hot dog every now and again. And again.

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Remember this fabulous bird necklace I found a few weeks back at Ruche? They’re latest Look Book just came out, loaded with beautiful photography and clothes. I love how dreaming and feminine the clothes are. And as a designer, I love the white space in the layouts. One warning, keep your credit cards out of reach when you scroll through the pages.

Jen and I are hitting the town heading to MCBA’s 25th Anniversary Party and to Corazon’s 5th Anniversary tonight. Join us!

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I recently stumbled cross Sara’s blog and followed many of her links to find some amazing fabric. I’ve been a bit addicted to fabric lately, and know I need to cut back, but these are almost too cute to pass up.
These birds with chairs made me think of Jen’s orange chairs. Wouldn’t it make a whimsy and unexpected skirt?
I think these birds would make an adorable pair of pajama pants.
This metro cafe print would make a great apron, or oven mitts, or, well, just about anything.
If you had your choice of fabric, what would you make?

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Jen hosted another fabulous pARTy this past weekend. We painted and drew on ceramic. A few months ago I found these tiles at a major retailer and fell in love, but I knew I could make my own. Jen suggested I try using the tiles with alcohol inks and look what I got! I love them. I still hope to try recreating the bird pattern with terra cotta tiles and terra cotta paints, but that can wait.

I also picked up some mugs at Ikea and we drew on them with ceramic pens. I could have created dozens hundreds of these. And probably will, someday. (If you have a birthday coming up in the next year, expect a mug). I drew a teabag on one, birds on branches on another and flowers on the rest. So simple. So quick. So adorable.

And you know the best part? Better than the cute mugs and the bird tiles? Hanging out on a Saturday night with beautiful inspiring women and a bottle of wine. That’s the best part.

Check out what Kristin made here, and what Jen made here.

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A few weeks ago while I was in New York, I stopped by Purl Soho. It was one of the top places to visit on my list and I was so excited to spend some time there. I’ve admitted that I’m addicted to fabric, so it could have been a dangerous stop, but I knew I was limited by the size of my suitcase so I was able to maintain some control. I picked up a few yards of some great stuff, but I also picked up this adorable pack of 1/2 yards. When I chose it I had no idea what I was going to use it for, but I finally figured it out. And it will be a surprise. A beautiful, sentimental surprise. So stay tuned. I plan to start it this week, so hopefully it will be done soon. (Soon is a relative term.) Either way, aren’t the fabrics just adorable and such a fun mix! I can’t wait to get started!

Note: I went back and looked through the fabrics to see what maker/line they’re from. The white one is from Cloud 9 Fabrics (Love them!), and I believe the top one is Alexander Henry. The ┬árest weren’t labeled. Bummer. Any ideas on the others?

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