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Meet My Kohlrabi

I love Kohlrabi. Or actually, I love the word Kohlrabi. I love how it grows, with all those crazy leaves shotting off it. I love that it looks like a space ship. I love that it’s crunchy and green and grows easily in my garden. But I really, really, don’t LOVE to eat Kohlrabi. So, I ask you, dear reader, what should I do with this beast? Any ideas?

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I picked my first three red tomatoes this weekend. Aren’t they darling? And finally, every tomato plant is loaded with green tomatoes. I was worried about planting a garden this summer. With a baby/toddler to take care of and a day job, would I have time to weed and water and prune and talk to the plants? Honestly, I haven’t, but Mother Nature has come through and the weather has been great for growing. It’s been warm and sunny and every few days we get a good soaking. I’ve only had to water a couple times. And the weeding? Well, I’ve only weeded a couple times. (Easier to pull when they’re larger, right?)

Anyway, I’m excited, here come the tomatoes!

Today at paper&clouds: Simple Six-Pocket Bag!

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Don’t forget to visit my new blog, paper&clouds, here.

There’s something about a BLT that makes it just perfect for a hot summer day. Crisp bacon, soft lettuce (from my garden), juicy tomatoes (not yet from my garden, but soon), and toasted bread with a smear of Mayo. I can’t have a sandwich without the crunch of potato chips, and ripples are the best.

Speaking of lettuce, my crop is growing beautifully. Like, almost, too beautifully. If you need lettuce and live in the area please stop by and pick some. It’s out back near the alley. Looks like lettuce, it’s green, help yourself. Seriously.

What’s your favorite summer sandwich, and how is your garden doing?

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I had a fabulous 2nd Mother’s Day yesterday. I didn’t want to make any big plans and my only request was to get plants for the garden. So after Husband made Daughter and I a breakfast of waffles and eggs we ran down to Gertens to load up on goodies. We got a ton, or a dozen, actually, pots of Creeping Phlox for the front garden and for the vegetable garden I picked out 5 types of tomatoes (grape, cherry, early girl, roma and an Heirloom), a sampling of herbs (mostly Basil),  kohlrabi and lettuce. I planted the vegetables while Husband and Daughter played in the backyard. Such a joy to have my hands in the dirt but to look up to see her smiling face.

Husband also gave me a beautiful locket. Simple silver with tiny daisy’s engraved. Just big enough for a photo of Daughter. It’s sentimental, but I love it. When I get a photo in there I’ll post a photo. Thanks, babe.

After lunch Daughter took a long nap and I went for a walk, alone, to the club and to the grocery store. I haven’t gone on a walk alone since we got Dog and it was strangly nice. On the way home I stopped at Caribou for a Cinnamon Rooibos Tea. It was delicious, but the napkin reminded me of a few other important things. Life is short. And so are Monday’s. Enjoy it.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Friday night I had the joy of picking a winner of the Belt Giveaway from last week. Congratulations, Patricia! I sent you an email. So glad the belt is going to a good home!

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I spent the afternoon of New Year’s Day Snowshoeing with a few very good friends. We went to the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum, which is a very beautiful and amazing place. If you’ve never been, swing by there sometime. Or at least visit their website. There’s so much to learn and see and do there! We just bundled up and trudged through the crispy snow, making jokes and laughing at with each other.

Thanks ladies (and John), for helping me celebrate the end of a beautiful year!

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