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There’s a cool event coming up here in Minneapolis in a couple weeks. I don’t know much about it, but hope to stop by. From what I can figure out there will be food and wine and speakers. And it’s all local. Good enough!

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I’ve posted about Bewiched before, specifically their soups. I’m just glad I work nearby (about 100 feet nearby) so I can always swing through for a cup. or a bowl. Or a quart. Or maybe two. Yum. This was perfect. Go there, quick, before they run out.

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I had to get out of the office the other day, so I ran over to Surdyks, grabbed a tasty Turkey, Brie and Pepperocini sandwich, a side of Beets and a natural soda. But instead of heading straight back to the office like I usually do, I took a right turn halfway across the Hennepin Avenue bridge and found a picnic table near the Nicollet Island Pavilion. What a view. The sandwich wasn’t too bad either…

If anyone ever wants to join me, grab a sandwich, send me a text, and find me along the river. Summer is short here, let’s get outside.

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I’ve been on a bird kick this spring. I love listening to the birds outside my bedroom window early in the morning. I love watching the baby birds being fed by their parents outside our kitchen window (living in the bird houses Husband built), and I love seeing birds in artwork and fabric and other inspiring places.

I love the birds in Rachel Ann Austin’s work.

This sweet little buy on this necklace I found from Ruche.

These fabric bird houses from an adorable shop in Soho.

These bird wall tiles from (hush) Crate and Barrel.

And this print on the PJs I picked up for Daughter at Target.

They’re so happy and bright, they just make my day. Speaking of, it’s time to have another weekend. I plan to meet my Mom for lunch, do some sewing, make a Key Lime Pie and go for a few walks with the family. What about you?

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We made it over to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market this weekend along with nearly every other person who lives in the Twin Cities. It was so crowded, we could barely get our little tiny stroller through the crowds. (We had considereing bringing the backpack carrier, but figured it wouldn’t be THAT crowded. It was.) Maybe it was all of the wagons being dragged through the crowd, really? You need that huge wagon for a three aisle wide market? I love seeing the community support our local farmers, but it’s frustrating when we’re trying to actually buy some groceries!

Anyway, enough ranting. We loaded up on fresh and local rhubarb, asparagus, broccoli, eggs and chicken. I can’t wait to try to make the asparagus we had in New York, and to make some rhubarb muffins. If you have a recipe I should try please let me know, I’m having a hard time finding a reliable one online.

If you’ve never been to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market you really should go. All the vendors and products are local. And there is so much more than just produce! There’s Bison, Cave-aged cheese, Handmade Soap, Fresh Egg Rolls, Plants, Herbs, Handmade Sweaters, Bags, Fresh Bread, I could go on. Just make sure you don’t bring your big, huge wagon.

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And sometimes I don’t feel like cooking. Or the cupboards are bare. Or I’d rather go to the club for a few minutes rather than cook dinner. On those days, and the days like today where the day job was non-stop all day long, we pick up the phone and order something Yummy from the Highland Grill. I love the variety of the menu, and everything is good. Tonight we both chose a special, Grilled Orange Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and a Cucumber-Avocado Salad. It did not disapoint. We didn’t have to cook and the best part? No dishes.

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I had a fabulous 2nd Mother’s Day yesterday. I didn’t want to make any big plans and my only request was to get plants for the garden. So after Husband made Daughter and I a breakfast of waffles and eggs we ran down to Gertens to load up on goodies. We got a ton, or a dozen, actually, pots of Creeping Phlox for the front garden and for the vegetable garden I picked out 5 types of tomatoes (grape, cherry, early girl, roma and an Heirloom), a sampling of herbs (mostly Basil),  kohlrabi and lettuce. I planted the vegetables while Husband and Daughter played in the backyard. Such a joy to have my hands in the dirt but to look up to see her smiling face.

Husband also gave me a beautiful locket. Simple silver with tiny daisy’s engraved. Just big enough for a photo of Daughter. It’s sentimental, but I love it. When I get a photo in there I’ll post a photo. Thanks, babe.

After lunch Daughter took a long nap and I went for a walk, alone, to the club and to the grocery store. I haven’t gone on a walk alone since we got Dog and it was strangly nice. On the way home I stopped at Caribou for a Cinnamon Rooibos Tea. It was delicious, but the napkin reminded me of a few other important things. Life is short. And so are Monday’s. Enjoy it.

Oh, and I almost forgot! Friday night I had the joy of picking a winner of the Belt Giveaway from last week. Congratulations, Patricia! I sent you an email. So glad the belt is going to a good home!

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Husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversay last night with a quick dinner at a neighborhood Bistro, Al Vento. Obviously Daughter was with us, so we ate early and we ate quickly. We started with a bruschetta of Sun-dried Tomatoe Pesto and White Beans as well as the Smoked Salmon Crostini with Marscapone and Berry Compote. Both were amazing. (Even Daughter had some of the white beans.)

For my entree I ordered the Halibut with Roasted Vegetable Salad and Tomato Vinagrette. Not so amazing. The Halibut was nicely prepared and good, but the vegetable salad was more like a pile of unchewable greens with a few cherry tomatoes mixed in. Husband ordered the Hanger Stack with Truffle Potato and Red Wine Demi. I stole a bite and it was phenomenal. Yum.

Al Vento also has great deals. They offer 1/2 price wine every day from 430 – 6pm. Every Day. And on Tuesdays they offer date night, which is 3 courses for $20. Go there. Drink wine. Eat Crostini. Enjoy.

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Family Photos

This past weekend we went out to the Landscape Arboretum and met up with Photographer Kim Monsen to shoot Daughter’s one-year photos. Kim is so talented. She took photos of my Brother and his family last summer and was able to wrangle his four kids, as well as their two cousins, and I’ve seen the photos that prove it.

We wandered through the flowers and she took dozens of photos of Daughter, Husband and I. When I downloaded the above shot from my camera, I remembered this photo my Mother took of me thirty-some years ago. Look familiar?

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I ran over to St. Paul to check out the American Craft Council Show this weekend. And WOW. I was impressed. The quality of work was just amazing.

Like this beautiful dress from EkoLogic out of Troy, NY. Check out their skirts and T-shirts too!

I also fell in love with the work of Deborah Foutch. I was so happy to find out she was local, because I’d love to spend more time gazing at her work. She paints a canvas, and then adds silk touches and sews on it. She sews on it. With a sewing machine! Sounds like something I could do.

Then there was the jewelry. The first booth I walked past had the most amazing necklaces, and bracelets. They were the work of Mary and Louann. They work with Sterling Silver, Polymers and Clay. The work is colorful and so much fun!

I also loved the work of these artists, but didn’t get a chance to chat with them.

Serena Design – Beautiful, light and airy work. Her booth was crowded the whole time I was there, I could barely get a decent look.

Ayala Jewelry – Cool and unique shapes, textures and colors.

Aaron Barr – Does amazing things with wood.

Unfortunately, I didn’t buy any amazing jewelry or a cashmere skirt,but I did buy a really fun paper flower! I pinned it to a jacket, yet forgot to take a photo. I bought it from a really fun couple from Indiana. Check out their work on their website. Woof!

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