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It’s cold outside, so instead of bundling up and facing the elements, I wandered through the building where I work. It’s an old warehouse that once held the John Deere factory. Like about a hundred years ago. There are still a few signs of those times, and riding in the gigantic freight elevator is one of them. Enjoy.

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(Okay, so maybe it was from a walk LAST Wednesday, but I figured the sights in sunny Cozumel are more interesting than cold, frozen, gray Minnesota. Enjoy!)

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Wednesday, Um, Walk

It’s been really cold here lately. Really cold. Like below zero cold. Right now it’s 12 degrees, and honestly, that would feel warm compared to the -4 this morning. needless to say, I didn’t go for a walk today. I walked from my house to my garage, into daycare, back to the car, into the office, back to the car, back into the daycare, back to the car and finally into the house. Where I think I’ll stay until I do the same thing tomorrow morning. But I felt I had to show you something that I saw today, so from our 5th story windows I took the shot above.

We’re in the North Loop part of town, just North of downtown Minneapolis and the warehouse district. There’s a sweet reflection on the shot, but below I tried to clean up the photo and highlight a few landmarks.

It’s a decent view, but in a month I won’t have it anymore. We’re moving to the second floor. No more elevators, but also no more view. Oh well. Soon I hope it’s warm enough to get back outside. Soon….

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I spotted this fellow among the Christmas Trees at the Farmer’s Market in the middle of the City of Minneapolis. At least he’s found the Orange Juice vendor so he won’t go thirsty.

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I started the day at the Eye Doctor and took some shots on the walk back to my car. I totally spaced that my eyes would be dialated, and I’d have really no idea what was in the viewfinder of my camera. I took this shot from in front of my car in the parking ramp. It looks a lot better now than when I shot it.

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Today I took a 10 minute break from the office and went on a short walk around the neighborhood. I was inspired by Anna’s Photo Meet up and Jen’s photos of New York City. I hoped I would fine something inspiring right outside my door. I was right. I did.




* Something new to The Write Ingredients (TWI). I’ll walk on Wednesdays and post what I find the next morning.

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