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It’s that time again.. Apple and Pumpkin Season! This past weekend, Husband and I headed southwest to Emma Krumbees. I had heard of it, and I’d driven by it, but I’d never been. Most of the orchards I’ve been to are in remote areas, surrounded by the fruit trees. Emma Krumbees was right off the highway, trees and all. we skipped the pony rides, the scarecrow festival and the camel and just focused on the produce. We picked up a bag of Honeycrisp apples and a few pumpkins. (If you’ve never had a Honeycrisp apple, you must. I’ll leave it at that).

A pile full of squash.

Traditional pumpkins.

And not so traditional pumpkins.

On the way back to the cities, we stopped by this huge barn-like building. They had a sign advertising the 51 flavors of licorice they carry. We had no choice but to stop.

The place was loaded with apples and jams and salsas and so much retro candy it almost hurt my eyes.

And finally, we bought a pie. An apple, rhubarb, raspberry pie. It was warm, right out of the oven. (There was a light on the front of the barn with a sign that read “when the light is on, pies are baking.” The light was on so I bought a pie.) And it was delicious.


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