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Jen and I tried to go to the new Thai place, Sen Yei Sen Lek, in NE Mpls on Saturday night after swinging by birdxbird, but there was a serious wait. And I had serious hunger. The tables were full, but the lobby wasn’t, and with the large number of tables in the place I really wondered if we would really wait that long. But we ditched, we’ll try it another time with a reservation, and made it across town to a real favorite, Pad Thai on Grand.

We were seated immediately, ordered quickly, and had spring rolls and vegetarian curry puffs on the table before our name would have even been called at the other place.

The spring rolls were light and airy and the curry puffs were full of real vegetables (like, I could make out the peas and carrots and stuff) with just a hint of curry and a sweet/sour dipping sauce.


Jen ordered her old standby, the Tom Yum Soup with Tofu and I went with a classic favorite, the Green Curry with Shrimp. Shortly after we sat down we were full of delicious thai food and very happy.

We were bummed that we didn’t get to try the new place, but thrilled that we have Pad Thai on Grand to go to when the desire strikes. I’ve never been disappointed with their food or the service. Yum.

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