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After we went to the Science Museum of Minnesota and the Star Wars Exhibit with some friends, we ran up the hill to W.A. Frost for dinner. We had been there just a couple weeks ago and I just love their patio. It’s wooded and has a lot of character. The main patio was booked, so we found a table in the Bar Patio. It was packed. And I think there was one server running from table to table. I’ve been in that situation before and it sucks, but she was doing all she could to keep up. Managers were delivering food and filling water and it was a beautiful night so I was okay with it. Even after they delivered an appetizer plate with dried food on it. And a fork with dried food on it. And a martini glass with dried food on it. And a wine chiller with sauce on its side. Really, I was okay with it.

Maybe it was the flight of Ros̩ I started with that made me accept all these mishaps. Or the bottle of Pinot Grigio we finished next. Regardless, I had a great time with some great company and the food was above average. (Oh Рand my favorite of the three was called Badia a Coltibuono Cetamura Rostao from Tuscany.)


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