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I had the pleasure of going out to dinner with the girls the other night. And we couldn’t have chosen a better place to enjoy each other’s company. Cafe Maude has been a favorite since it opened. For brunch. For dinner. For happy hour. It’s perfect for nearly any occasion. The food is consistently inventive and delicious. The atmosphere is warm and inviting. The prices are very manageable.


We started with their magnificent fries with Bearnaise sauce and the cheese plate. Both were awesome and we munched on them through the whole meal. I couldn’t turn down a cup of the carrot soup with ginger. And believe it or not, it actually tasted like carrots (I love it when food tastes like what it should). There were fried bits of fresh ginger on the top of the soup that really brought out the flavors, of both the ginger and the carrots. That would be one recipe I would love ot have. For the rest of the meal I went with the duck breast. It was listed on the menu under the Small Plates, which was good, because after the fries, cheese and the soup there was little room left. The duck was prepared beautifully and served with brussel sprouts and Parmesan puree. It was unique but homey at the same time. A perfect meal.


L ordered the scallops (above), Jen ordered the salmon and T ordered the beet salad (yum, so good, so earthy) and the corn chowder. Everyone was happy, the wine flowed freely and we could barely resist dessert. Then again, T had a freezer full of cupcakes from the Bulldog from her birthday the previous week, plus the batch of Sea Salt Caramels we made for her birthday, so we didn’t go empty handed.

On a side note, Cafe Maude has expanded to include the Armatage Room. It’s a great concept, check it out.

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