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I offered to bring dessert to a pARTy last weekend and of course I planned to bring a chocolate cake. But for the second time in a row, my cake-baking ability needs a reboot (Jaime – Help!). I chose to make the Chocolate-Coffee Gingerbread Cake from Epicurious. Everything was going beautifully, the batter tasted great (oops), it looked great, it didn’t overflow the bundt pan, etc, until I flipped the cake out. It was wet and gooey on the top. I sent it back into the oven and after 25 minutes it was still not done. I flipped it over and put it back in, now upside down, on a cookie sheet. Still not done. So finally I gave up and decided to pick up some Cupcakes at Cupcake because they’re really quite splendid anyway.


But I brought the cake with me to show off my failed attempt, and you know what? They ate it! Almost all of it. And they loved it. And even requested the recipe. Maybe it was the wine. Or maybe they are good enough friends that they got over the aesthetic characteristics of my baking.

Either way, I want to try it again. This time in a different bundt pan. I used a silicon pan and I’m convinced that was the problem. Anyone else heard of that?

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