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I’ve been meaning to get to the Citizen Cafe for a few months now. I’ve heard mixed reviews; everything from “best meal ever” to “never going back”. But it’s so close to the house and I love the everyday-people-vibe they’re trying to achieve. But my review? Bland. Nothing was really wrong with anything.The space is quiet and a little bland. The server failed to mention the specials. And the food was just, sort of, there.


Husbands burger was good, but the homemade ketchup had no flavor (bland) and there were no other accessories.


My shrimp po-boy was, you guessed it, bland. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, succulent and warm, but overall the sandwich was boring, and well, bland.

But I think I’ll go back. The shrimp were prepared too professionally to not give it another chance. I would like to try breakfast, or maybe an entree, but I’m tempted to bring a bottle of hot sauce.


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