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It was Husband’s birthday recently and with a newborn there was little chance of making a real meal or hitting a restaurant. Instead I made it over to Coastal Seafoods and picked up some pre-made specialities, including the Imperial Crab Cakes, Lobster Bisque and a slab of fresh tuna. All were fabulous and rich. What did we do with the tuna? Stay tuned…

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We made the Cover Recipe from the April issue of Cooking Light the other day, and while it was an unexpected combination, I thought it was darn good. Husband loves Crab Cakes, so we thought making the Crab Cakes with Roasted Vegetables and Tangy Butter Sauce would be a great way to spend a Saturday night. (Really, we don’t get out much).

And the recipe was certainly easy, easier than finding the crab at SuperTarget. I’m not sure why I go back there, they never have anything unique or foreign, just the basics. (No crab OR sesame oil!) But anyway, I did a quick mix of ingredients for the crab cakes and let the mixture rest. The vegetables roasted for 30 minutes, the crab cakes fried up in about 15 and the sauce took all of about 6 minutes. And dinner was served.

We did add some drops of our favorite ginger hot sauce, but other than that, the menu was healthy (full of vegetables) and protein (crab).

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