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We spent this Mother’s Day with Husband’s side of the family, and went to Brunch at Cue at the Guthrie. Husband and I went there a couple years ago, shortly after they opened and had a really delicious lunch. We hoped it would be just as good as we remembered it. Maybe it was the crowds, or the new chef, or that it was a Sunday, but it just wasn’t as good as the first time. Overall, the meal, and the company, were enjoyable. But the service seemed frazzled and extremely slow. When we sat down they asked if we were going to the show and maybe we should have said Yes, because everything just crawled after that.

Our starters came out promptly and were a surprise. The crepes with ricotta, strawberries and balsamic were light and airy and really nice. The terrine (which I didn’t try) looked rather unappetizing. Husband said there was little flavor in the meat, and not enough bread to eat it with. A disappointment.


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