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I’ve posted about Salut on Grand Avenue before and have had both a horrible experience and a great experience. So we tried it again. This time it was pretty inconsistent. Service was good, some good was really good, while some was really disappointing. There were four of us, and after we ordered our server mentioned that maybe we had ordered too many dishes. It was early in the day and I guess we were hungry. We canceled one dish and probably should have canceled more, because she was right, there was way too much food. At least most of it was pretty good. Here are some highlights:


The Tuna Tartare


The Pommes Frites with Bernaise


The Duet of Fish (Salmon and Sablefish)


The Curry Chicken Salad with French Onion Soup

Obviously there were other dishes, but they were not worth posting. Those included a flat bread pizza (too much cheese), the seafood crepes (too much sauce), the Sablefish (too small and undercooked).

Another highlight I can’t forget to mention were the dessert shots. A tray of shot glasses filled with just a few bites of something delicious brought to the table after you’re done eating. The day’s options were Creme Brulee or Brownie Bite with Caramel and a Raspberry. We ordered two of each. A perfect ending to a meal that was far from perfect.

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