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I saw a blurb about this service, Eat Generation, last week in the Star Tribune Taste Section, and I’m wondering if anyone has heard of it or even tried it? From what I can tell, this company has a number of menus online. You pick what you want for dinner that night, theyll deliver it to a number of companies around town by 4pm. If you work at one of those locations, great, your dinner package is delivered to you. If not, you make another stop on the way home. Then when you get home, you spend another 30 minutes putting the meal together. Okay – so it’s a nice idea. But how hard is it to put a meal together from ingredients already in your pantry? Or if you’re already making a stop, what about stopping at Lunds or a local co-op for their pre-assembled meals which DON’T require another 30 minutes of cooking.

I’m not sold on the idea. Cooking a healthy meal on a weekday doesn’t have to be very hard. Or very expensive. But if I’m ordering a dinner and picking it up and spending the extra money for the convenience, I don’t want to cook it after a long day at the office.


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