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I know the holiday shopping season is coming to an end, but there’s one store that I just have to mention. It’s called the Golden Fig. It’s on Grand Avenue in St. Paul (just a couple blocks east of Victoria). It’s also next door to a great pet store called Don’t Make Me Beg, but really it’s about the Food, not just the neighborhood. I first heard about the Golden Fig by shopping at her booth at the St. Paul Farmers Market. Then I went to the store. It is full of local food goodies, everything from unique margarita mix, the beautiful cookies above, locally-raised meat, cheese and milk, and I could go on forever. I made it there two days in a row earlier this month and I didn’t get out of there either time without buying a couple of treats. The best part is that they really focus on local products. Most vendors are from Minnesota, some are from Wisconsin, but all value quality over quantity. Regardless, they have an endless supply of gifts or just treats for yourself. And they have those treats year-round. Yum!

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