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The In-laws called Saturday morning and were going to be shopping for a new couch in the same mall as The Good Earth. Did we want to meet them for Brunch? Um, Yeah. That’s a silly question. Of Course! They knew I had been there just last week for Mom’s Birthday, but no, I didn’t mind eating there twice in one week. Sounded pretty good, actually!

Trouble is, I totally forgot to take any photos! I guess I’ll just have to describe it all. We got there before the typical brunch rush, which was good, because there can be a wait. So we were seated right away but then had to wait a good ten minutes for our server, or anyone, in fact, to great us. Another server kept looking over and I could hear her checking in with our server, but she never came over. Eventually our server brought us water and we ordered. We each ordered freshly squeezed juices which of course, were phenomenal. The beet and carrot juice that M-I-L ordered didn’t go over well, but, well, it’s beet juice. It tastes like beets. I’ve had it before and if it’s what you’re looking for it’s mighty good. Saturday I ordered the orange-pineapple and it was perfect.

The Good Earth delivers a bread/cracker basket before lunch and dinner, but the treat before breakfast are small, handmade, warm caramel rolls. I think I ate mine in about three bites, without looking up. Again, amazing. I ordered the blueberry ten-grain pancakes which were delicious and I think to think healthy. I ordered the short stack, which barely fit on the plate, and a side of crisp bacon. Both were perfect.

For the others: Husband ordered the breakfast quesadilla while M-I-L and F-I-L each ordered the wild mushroom omelette. There was lots of chewing and little talking while we ate, so I believe we all thoroughly enjoyed our meals. I know I ate too much and I still walked away with a pancake in a to go box.

Other than slow service when we first sat down, the brunch was good. I love knowing I can go to the Good Earth and get a healthy meal that also tastes really good. And would I go again this week if someone asked me to? Of course. Any takers?

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