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I was putzing through the garden the other day, just checking on what’s growing and what’s not growing. In the far corner, I planted what I thought was a bush zucchini plant. Looking back at my notes, it’s actually a cucumber plant. Which is fine, actually, I’ll eat both. I noticed it had taken over a tomato plant and the plants cage, which is also fine since there are a dozen other tomato plants and this is the only cucumber plant. When I knelt down and started lifting leaves to see how tightly it was holding on to the tomato plant, I noticed that there are itty bitty thorny cucumbers bursting out. How exciting! My first cucumbers. I swear I’ve tried them before with no success. I have to give my neighbors some credit here, since last fall they cut down Every. Tree. In. Their. Yard. So now I have sun. Last summer there was a deer and her fawn living in their yard. This year, its a mass of dirt and weeds. But… I have a cucumber, actually about four of ’em just starting out.

After I got over the shock of the cucumbers, I started nosing around the bush beans I planted. I started these from seeds, and it always amazes me that something so tiny and benign can grow into something so splendid. I’d been keeping an eye on the plants that sprouted up, but never having grown green beans before I wasn’t sure what to look for. Again, I knelt down, lifted a leaf and there they were. And they were everywhere. Long, fuzzy beans. I picked the plumpest (husband promptly ate one as soon as I snapped this photo) and left the skinny ones to continue growing. I’ve never grown beans before, but I am thrilled. So thrilled, I almost cried. Maybe it was the heat…. I can’t wait to throw a handful in the wok for a quick side dish.

In other garden news, nearly all of my tomato plants have green tomatoes on them. That’s very exciting and again I have to give credit to my neighbors for the increase in sun exposure this summer. This photo is of one of my green zebra’s. I’m not sure how to determine if it’s ripe, since it’s, well, green. I guess I’ll just wait for it to pull off easily.

So, there’s an update. The herbs are rocking, the peppers are slowing coming along and the lettuces have been pulled. I have an itch to plant some garlic and potatoes this fall. Oh, it’s all just so exciting!

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