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I saw this recipe for Indian Cashew Chicken in the recent issue of Cooking Light and I knew I had to try it. Last week I hit the store, got everything I needed and then looked closer at the recipe and realized I had to marinate the chicken for 3 hours or overnight. Seeing it was already 530 pm, that wasn’t going to happen. So, I waited until Saturday, so i could prep the chicken in the morning and finish the dish that even. And really, it was a lot of work for the final result. If I’m spending more than an hour on a dish, I want it to be phenomenal, or at least contain chocolate. This was neither. But it was decent and it served it’s purpose, which I guess was to fill us up.

If you still want to make it, here are some suggestions. Add some spice. Add some more vegetables. I thought a red pepper or some green beans would be nice. Maybe even potatoes, but then you’d have to skip the rice. I looked for Naan at Lunds and had no luck, but that also would have improved it’s chances as a repeat recipe.

Oh well, not everything is a winner. Guess that’s how we learn, eh?

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