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My sister-in-law introduced me to Knoke’s Chocolates by bringing them to showers, etc for the last couple of years. And then last week on a trip to St. Croix Falls, we happened to park just shy of their front door. Huh. A chocolate shop. Think we best go in, eh? And we did. I tried to control myself and got a dark chocolate covered caramel with sea salt along with two caramel apples for the Hubby. And man, that caramel is still haunting me. I should have/could have bought a box or two. But best to know that its a good 30+ miles away so there are no emergency trips east. The photo shows the most adorable little truffles from my sister’s baby shower.

Sis-in-law made the boxes, which were fabulous and just perfect for the occasion. If you’re ever in Hudson, park on Locust and follow the scent of fresh chocolate. You’ll thank me.

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