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I just found out, via the Star Tribune, that Scandia Bake Shop is closing.The sweet little bakery is not to far from my house, and 5 years ago, for my Great Aunt’s 90th I ordered one of their famous Kransekage Cakes. Now they’re closing and I regret not stopping there for a cookie every time I drove by. (Which was often, because they’re a block from my library). They are/were really delicious, loaded with butter and just around 50 cents each. Can’t find a deal like that anywhere anymore. In fact, the bakery reminded me of the bakeries you find in small towns. Nothing fancy, just a couple tables with folding chairs and bakery cases loaded with goodies. The sweet little place will be missed. I’ll have to swing by and pick up a few dozen cookies to freeze. Always good to have extra cookies on hand, eh?

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