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I have a twin sister. So I shared my birthday with her for the first, oh, 25 years of my life. Then she moved to Ohio. Then DC. And then Denver. Around the time she left, my brother got married to a really amazing woman who’d birthday is a week before mine. So, for the last (I won’t say) number of years I’ve shared my birthday with my Sis-in-Law. I don’t mind. But every few years I get to celebrate my birthday with my parents, and just my parents. And that’s really nice. This year, due to a scheduling conflict involving a golf tournament and a flight to Nashville, I got them to myself again. And they let me choose the restaurant.

I chose Lucia’s. Which is a wonderful little spot in the uptown area of Minneapolis. It’s one of their favorites and I haven’t been there in years. Lucia is a beautiful woman who loves to fish and use local ingredients. Sounds like me, just not the fishing part.


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