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More walking, but it was worth it to get a bagel and egg sandwich at Terrace Bagels near Prospect Park. Really, I’ve never had a bagel like that. It was crisp and soft at the same time. The egg was an actual egg, the bacon was really meaty. Amazing. And I ate it on a park bench, in the morning sun. Perfect.

Then walking through Brooklyn we saw Samantha Brown. A few weeks before I left for this trip, I watched Ms. Brown’s episode on Brooklyn. I brought her list of must-sees with me, never excepting to see her in person. I didn’t stop to chat (I’m from Minnesota, we don’t talk to strangers, especially famous ones), but we did head north from the bagel place to One Girl Cookies (a must-see on her list). I tried a whoopie pie, two pumpkin cake cookies with a cream cheese filling. Yum.

Then more walking, some real shopping in Midtown Manhattan and a grilled panini sandwich at a classic New York deli.

After some more walking we ended up at Washington Square near NYU. There was a street fair of some sort going on, and a spice vendor was selling the most amazing array of spices and teas. I picked up some spiced hot chocolate mix and some Manhattan Earl Gray teas. Now I can’t wait until it snows so I can make some real hot chocolate.

Eventually we ended up back in Brooklyn and had dinner at a really fabulous italian place called Savoia. Our server was fabulous. She looked Irish, dressed midwestern, but was clearly Italian.  We shared a beet salad and I tried the shrimp risotto, while Jen tried the fusilli with pesto and shrimp. (We ate outside and it was pretty dark, so photos weren’t really an option, sorry.

After dinner we walked up and down Smith Street and found one of the only stores still open at that hour was the Nutbox. We stopped in and I bought a beautiful bag of dark chocolate covered almonds for just $2.50. Quite a bargain. Shoulda bought more….

By then out stomachs were full and our feet were barely moving. We had a nightcap with Jen’s sister and bro-in-law before heading to bed. We had one more day to explore the big city…. more tomorrow!

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