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Sometimes I find it amazing how recipes just sort of find me. Last weekend, we picked up a Pork Tenderloin from the farmers market, and I had randomly picked up a couple plums at the grocery store the day before. Then, paging through the July issue of Cooking Light, I found a recipe for the Peppered Pork Tenderloin with Blue Cheese Plums. I had actually bought blue cheese to go with the beets I had roasted on the 4th, but sure, as long as I had it we’d use it here.

And it was good. The pork was tender and full of flavor. The plums were warm and sweet and tart, and the two together with blue cheese was a great combination. On the side I served boiled baby red potatoes (farmers market) with olive oil and sea salt, as well as sauteed leeks and farmers market zucchini with Parmesan.

I love to look down at my plate while I’m eating and know that almost everything on it was grown by a local farmer. To realize that somebody pulled this summer squash from the ground and placed it into a basket, and didn’t send it through a factory. And the difference in flavor is amazing. I challenge you to try a new vegetable from the farmers market. If it’s fresh and local, I guarantee you’ll love it.

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