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Husband brought me to Heidi’s for my birthday this past weekend. We went there in March just before daughter was born, and we realized it was also the last time we had been out to dinner, together, without daughter. Huh. Needless to say, we loved it in March and loved it even more now that it’s July.

The menu is small, with about 6 appetizers and 6 entrees, but we were both unsure what to order. The server had mentioned a tasting menu was available, so after hearing which dishes were on it, we jumped in and decided to go for it. The first course (above) was the Beet Sorbet with Sauateed Dandelion Greens, Wasabi Sauce and puffed rice. There was also a swipe of their homemade BBQ sauce and Beet Powder. Yes, Beet Powder. Unique, Yes. Delicious, Yes.


The second course was a Foie Gras Brulle served over a Garam Masala Yogurt Cake with Squash Puree… (!!!)


Next up, a plate of Papparedelle with Black Truffles. Enough said.


Then onto the first entree. This was the Crab Stuffed Salmon with Sage Foam, Purple Mashed Potatoes and Passion Fruit sauce. I had this last time and now that I’ve had it again, I’ve realized what’s been haunting me for 4 months.

The second entree was an Anise Lamb Chop with Wild Rice and Cabbage Salad. I don’t usually eat Lamb (they’re cute!) but this was fall off the bone tender with a delightful flavor. I might be converted someday…


Finally, dessert. A trio of desserts, in fact. There was chocolate sorbet with chocolate cake and chocolate sauce (perfect!), Bananas Neopolitan (not quite working) and Tapioca with Fresh Mint (fresh and minty!).

Then, as if we weren’t done, was a cheese plate. We would have been happy to leave after the desserts (we did have a babysitter waiting) but the cheeses had to be done. They served them table-side, an English cheddar, Something from Spain and a Gorgonzola from France. (Nothing from Wisconsin, hear that Favre?) But they did serve a little palate cleanser salad of endive, Pineapple, Chives and a dressing which was also mixed up table-side.

Needless to say, Heidi’s is fabulous. Both times we’ve been there we’ve had early reservations (they’re tough to get) and both times the service has been very attentive and professional until about 715 when the place fills up. Either the kitchen or the servers are overwhelmed at that point and it makes for a long meal (especially when you’ve got a babysitter waiting).

But go. Eat as much as you can, because everything we tried was innovative and well-prepared and, well, beyond good. I can’t wait to go back….

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