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Years ago, when Chino Latino first opened, I found a recipe for their delicious Coconut Curry Shrimp Dish. I was just getting to know Curries, and this is a great introduction, as well as a great, lively dish. It’s great for a weeknight dinner, and also impressive enough to serve to a dinner party.

At the restaurant it’s pretty spicy. The first time I made it it was almost too hot. The recipe calls for three tablespoons of red curry paste. If you’re curry paste is from an Indian market or something similar, I’d use just one. If it’s from the normal grocery store, I’d add a bit more.

There’s also fresh pineapple, red pepper and a generous dollop of cilantro. It’s a great dish in the depths of winter because it will warm you up, but it’s refreshing and light enough for a summer supper.


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