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Years ago, when Chino Latino first opened, I found a recipe for their delicious Coconut Curry Shrimp Dish. I was just getting to know Curries, and this is a great introduction, as well as a great, lively dish. It’s great for a weeknight dinner, and also impressive enough to serve to a dinner party.

At the restaurant it’s pretty spicy. The first time I made it it was almost too hot. The recipe calls for three tablespoons of red curry paste. If you’re curry paste is from an Indian market or something similar, I’d use just one. If it’s from the normal grocery store, I’d add a bit more.

There’s also fresh pineapple, red pepper and a generous dollop of cilantro. It’s a great dish in the depths of winter because it will warm you up, but it’s refreshing and light enough for a summer supper.


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I met Jen and Anna for Art Lunch again yesterday, and we ate at a lovely little cafe called Moose and Sadies. Years ago I used to live across the street from the place and it was a hip, smoky coffee shop, full of writers and designers. A few years ago they redid the place and while smoking is no longer allowed, it’s still hip and full of designers and writers. They also revamped their menu and added a chef. That’s a bonus.

eggs and toast

I was fighting off a flu thing, but the friendly staff was willing to make me just some plain toast and an over-hard egg. thanks for that. Everything else on the menu made my stomach turn, which is really unusual for me.


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Ahi Tuna

We made it back to Cafe Maude, and again were seriously satisfied. Of course we started with the House Cut Fries, but we also went with the Seared Ahi Tuna Appetizer. Little crostinis served with a slice of tomato, a dollop of guacamole and the lovely lightly seared tuna with a pinch of microgreens. The tuna melts in your mouth, and obviously anything served with guacamole is genius.

Shrimp, Lovely Shrimp

For the entree I had the Lime and Garlic Grilled Prawns. Served at room temperature on a cold (what looked like israeli couscous) salad, they were full of flavor and perfectly prepared. Husband had the Sea Scallop pasta and Sister had the Chicken Flatbread, which was way too big for one person. (We’ll be having it for lunch tomorrow as well).


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Iowa Skinny

There’s this fabulous little restaurant in South Minneapolis that’s really, really good. There’s no other way to say it. I’ve blogged about it at least once before, but even a second time doesn’t do it justice. So we went again. This is the restaurant that’s nearly impossible to get into on a weekend evening, so we went for lunch. The in-laws were in the neighborhood so we stopped for a quick lunch between errands. At first glance I was surprised it wasn’t packed. There was a good crowd, but not too many to be too busy. We were sat at a great table next to the window and ordered drinks. I ordered off their non-alchoholic menu and got a ginger mojito. Lemons, limes, mint and ginger beer and it was fabulous. The others at the table got the (kinda weak) bloody bar, a beautiful cabernet and the Hacker Pschorr beer.

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