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Not only was this past Tuesday a historical day, it was my Mom’s birthday as well. I took her to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, the Good Earth. I’ve written about it before, and I’ll continue to write about it as long as they keep serving healthy, innovative food like they do.

Mom had her favorite, the Thai Chicken Wrap (but only after our server promised their peanut sauce was FDA approved.) I enjoyed the Shrimp Club, loaded with Avocado, tomato and other goodies, including what I believe was a slightly spicy sauce. I originally ordered a cup of the pea soup but canceled it when I saw the size of my sandwich. No need to overdo it, besides I had to save room for one of their amazing cookies. Tuesday I chose a frosted ginger, but they’re all really, just amazing and huge. Did I say huge?

It was a good day. And we have a new President.

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