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Here’s a post from a few weeks ago that I totally forgot to publish. Silly Blonde. Enjoy!

Yep, one more birthday dinner. This time in Wisconsin, in the lovely town of St. Croix Falls at the chef-owned, family run Dam Bistro. We’ve been there before and unlike most restaurants, the couple running this little joint really care about the food and the customers. It’s so refreshing to see the chef make your dish and to know that the food was most likely grown or raised within a few hundred miles.

Unfortunately, this little gem of a restaurant has been affected by the slowing economy. They’re numbers are down, and so they had to let a server go. Our server for the evening was working just her second shift, and doing a mighty fine job considering the learning curve. So there were some issues, but nothing that couldn’t be overlooked. Our appetizer failed to appear, but turned out we didn’t need it when we saw the size of our entrees. They apologized and bought us dessert. Hum, pizza or chocolate? I’ll take the chocolate.

Two of us ordered the Pork stuffed with Italian sausage and served with mashed potatoes. The other two ordered the horseradish-encrusted salmon served with mushroom risotto. The pork was perfectly prepared, the salmon was really large with a generous coating of gentle horseradish. And the risotto? Lets just say that I could have skipped the pork and the fish and just filled up on the risotto.

But I didn’t. It was my birthday, wasn’t it? So I accepted that dessert and went for the tiramisu. Not too boozy or too sweet, it was just right. And a nice way to wrap up a week of birthday dinners.

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My In-laws have been helping out at an organic farm outside of Osceola, just up the road from where they live. So last Friday, my friend Jen and I headed up there with my Mom-in-Law to visit the animals and check out the garden. It’s a small operation, but the vegetables they’ve had have been amazing. Unfortunately, it was raining the first time we stopped by. Not just a sprinkle, but a full on downpour with lightning and thunder. The animals were in the barns, the plants were hiding in the dirt. So we went to find lunch and do some shopping.

We came back a few hours later and just as soon as we reached the gardens, it started to rain again. But we were able to visit with the sheep. Myfavorite was the little black guy. I think his name is Morgan. They all took turns chewing on my fingers and bleeting. My Mom-in-law pointed out that they all make the same noise, but all have a unique sound, and she’s right. It was really cool to hear them talk to us. And yell as we walked away, up the hill, where three cows and two donkeys were grazing.


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