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I have to tell you about a friend of mine. We’ll call her Kim.

I worked with Kim a long, long time ago at an agency that no longer exists. I liked her immediately. Mostly because she spent a lot of time talking about the fabulous meals that she and her then fiancé made. I wanted to be just like her. We started hanging out together at work, and then after work, and we both eventually left that agency and stayed in touch. Now she lives just up the road.


Years ago I started to call her, and her husband (we’ll call him Chris) with my cooking questions. They were more than happy to answer them and they were always helpful. From cooking times, to basic identification (what is Ras El Hanout?) they always had an answer.¬† (On a side note, Kim has actually called me a couple times with questions. Each time I’m flattered and flabbergasted. But I try to help.)

The other day I was planning to make a Spinach, Tarragon and Feta Frittata for dinner primarily because I had a bumper crop of Tarragon busting out in the backyard. As I pulled out all my ingredients, I realized I only had five ounces of Spinach and the recipe called for 10 ounces. I immediately picked up the phone and called Kim.


Of course she had the answer. Potatoes. They were staring at me from their bowl on the counter and I hadn’t even thought of them. “Slice them thin and steam them for a few minutes before adding them.” I should have thought of that. Potatoes are so universal. I knew I had tomatoes and a red pepper, but she pointed out that both of those would conflict with the tarragon. I could have used Basil (also in abundance out back) but the purpose of the meal was to use the Tarragon. I realized the potatoes would also make the Frittata more substantial, which is a good thing when Husband is used to meat at every meal.

So I started sauteeing spinach and steaming potatoes and picking tarragon and sprinkling feta. The dish came together quickly. And it was bubbling and beautiful when I pulled it out from under the broiler. I cut it into quarters and served it with some leftover bread from the Bikery (where else) and a salad with Tomatoes and Red Peppers (still got to use them).


Needless to say I had high expectations. I don’t have a whole lot of free time to cook anymore and there’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into a delicious dish that you’ve poured your soul (and you’re friends soul) into. As much as I wanted to love, love, love this frittata, it fell short. Yes, the potatoes were a great addition, maybe the best part, in fact. But I missed the tarragon. Where was it? I knew I had added it but I didn’t taste it. Anywhere. That was a bummer. The whole meal was designed to feature the beautiful tarragon plant that’s taking over the herb pot out back, and I couldn’t even taste it. Pooey.


But then I realized that even though the tarragon frittata didn’t wow me, that wasn’t what was important. The tarragon frittata (and my poor planning at the grocery store) led me to call my friend Kim. We rarely see each other even though we live just a couple miles apart. It’s reassuring to know that I can call her with a silly question about spinach and get an answer. We also use those few minutes to catch up on each others lives, even just briefly.

So thanks Kim (and Chris) for being the role models you are. I still want to be just like you.

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