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Top Chef Wedding Guest

Okay, so I’m addicted to Top Chef. But this past episode was even more exciting, because a friend and teammate of mine attended the wedding that the Top Chefs catered! We watched with much anticipation and she didn’t let us down. That’s her in the photo above, with the champagne. (Yep, it’s another photo of our television) There was another clip of her telling Spike how much her table liked his Sea Bass. But Spike didn’t win, and was actually on the losing team. Nice Job Amy, we knew you’d get your moment.

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Top Chef Starts Tonight!

Top Chef Chicago

As all good foodies know, tonight is the start of Top Chef Chicago, Season 4. Personally, I think last season got a little cheesy (no pun intended) with all the crazy challenges. I voiced my opinion on the Bravo site, but, as you could guess, I’ll still be watching this season. And on the edge of my seat with a glass of wine. Even Husband gets into this show, so Wednesday nights will certainly be exciting around here!

If you’ve never seen Top Chef shame on you. But basically, 16 chefs from around the country/world battle it out each week to ultimately earn the title of Top Chef. Each week they take on a quick fire challenge, and then move on the elimination challenge. The chef that wins the quick fire challenge gets immunity and can not be eliminated that episode. Early on, if you’re paying attention, you can figure out who has a shot, who doesn’t and who’s still on the show just because they’re “colorful.” I try to remember that it’s still reality TV. Oh well.

Oh, and a secret. A friend of mine went to a wedding in Chicago this winter that was catered by Top Chef chefs. She said the food was amazing and that was all she could say about it. Wish she could tell me more!!

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