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I found myself scouring the cupboards for something for dinner the other night. Husband was at softball and there was little to eat in the house. I had just about decided on cheese and crackers, when I saw a lonely can of tuna hiding in a corner of the cupboard. Growing up, we had to have meat (think red meat or pork or chicken, not fish) at every meal to please the guys in the house. So when they weren’t home, my mom would make one of her favorites, Easy Tuna Melts. Nothing fancy went into them, just a basic tuna fish salad served on whatever bread was available (hamburger or hot dog buns were the norm) with some cheese slapped on top and into the oven they went. Usually, she served them with another favorite, Campbell’s Tomato & Rice soup (which is no longer made, sob). These simple melts quickly became a girl’s night favorite. And to me they still are.

I also can’t eat any form of a sandwich without potato chips and to my horror, we were out. (How do these things happen?) But in the depths of the refrigerator, I found the last bit of the fresh beets I roasted on the 4th of July. I never had beets growing up, and the first time I tasted them was when my mother-in-law served beets from her garden. I guess that’s a good way to experience any vegetable for the first time, as opposed to the frozen or canned variety. I feel in love immediately. Now I look forward to beet season each summer and often contribute roasted beets to the Thanksgiving menu, even though my 94-year old great aunt and I are the only people to eat them. More of us, eh?

So, last night, I put together two favorite dishes for a unique, eat-what-I-want meal. There’s something satisfying about cooking for yourself, even if it’s as simple as a tuna melt. I am the only one to please. I can add mustard, or garlic, or leave it out. It can taste okay, or fabulous, only I will know.


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