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Tuna Rolls


So, remember the Tuna we bought for Husband’s birthday? We made these beautiful spicy tuna rolls with it. They’re simple, beauty and taste out of this world. Basically, dice the tuna and mix it with goodies such as soy sauce, garlic spicy sauce, chives and a few other things. Cut an english cucumber thinner than you think is possible, and roll them into cylinders. Spoon the tuna mix into them and top it with a dollap of spicy mayo. Then pop ’em into your mouth one at a time and enjoy. We had these at a friend’s holiday party and since I couldn’t eat Tuna then we made ’em just as soon as I could. They are so good and so refreshing and so easy and so impressive. Leave a comment if you want the recipe. I know it’s from Martha but I couldn’t find it online.

And then enjoy the weekend!

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