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Every year, the local Twin Cities paper publishes a list of 50 things to do/eat/experience, etc related to food. Last year, I made a commitment to do/eat/experience the 50 things in the next year. I think I made it a few months before becoming overwhelmed (and out of cash). This year I will make no such promise, but I will pass the list on to you. If you do/eat/experience any of these 50 things, please let me know. I’ll do as many as I can, but lets be realistic, eh?

(I’ve also included a page above in case the link breaks someday.)

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Last night, when absently watching Anthony Bourdain in A Cooks’ Tour, my ears perked up when he said, “The best food always comes from someone you know.” Okay, maybe I can’t quote him directly, but he was sitting on a balcony overlooking the ocean on the island of St. Martin, eating a creole chicken that had been pecking around earlier that day. It reminded me that it’s the start of the growing season. That really the best brat or tomato or scone is one that I buy directly from the producer, from their hand to mine. No middle man, no shipping container on the Pacific, just two people exchanging goods.

Farmers markets are open and doing brisk business. CSA Delivery’s have started. And it’s time to start planting those herbs and tomatoes.

We are blessed here in the Twin Cities to be surrounded by many fabulous farmer’s markets. My three favorites are the St. Paul Farmers Market (open year-round), the Mill City Market, and the Midtown Farmers Market.

I know the Star Tribune had a list of markets at some point. I’m not finding it right now, but I did find The Farm Report, which has lots of news and tips. City Search has a fairly thorough listing here.

So get out there and support your neighbor. You’ll even save some money on your grocery bill, and who doesn’t want that?

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I met Jen and Anna for Art Lunch again yesterday, and we ate at a lovely little cafe called Moose and Sadies. Years ago I used to live across the street from the place and it was a hip, smoky coffee shop, full of writers and designers. A few years ago they redid the place and while smoking is no longer allowed, it’s still hip and full of designers and writers. They also revamped their menu and added a chef. That’s a bonus.

eggs and toast

I was fighting off a flu thing, but the friendly staff was willing to make me just some plain toast and an over-hard egg. thanks for that. Everything else on the menu made my stomach turn, which is really unusual for me.


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