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Yes! The Market is still open. In fact, it’s open year round! We made it over there last weekend, Saturday in fact. (They are only open 9-12 on Saturdays). There were four or five vendors lined up, and most of them were selling meat. We picked up some pork and chicken from Otis Family Farm and a few pounds of ground bison from Big Woods Bison. It was about 10 degrees that morning, which really wasn’t too bad considering they winter we’ve had, but the cool thing was that the vendors trucks were turned off and they were able to display their meat on tables just like the produce vendors do all summer. It was silly, but cool. We also followed a sign to a deli across the street where a few more vendors were lined up. They were selling Cave Cheese, Honey, Soap and Apples. We picked up a bag of Honeycrisp and are going through them fast. I think it’s safe to say we’ll be stopping by the market at least once a month to load up on meat and cheese and whatever else might look good. Oh, and did I mention the Ground Bison was two dollars a pound cheaper than the stuff at the store? That’s worth hanging out in the cold.


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