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Spring is here. Or at least the calendar says so. The snow is almost gone, the shovels are stored in the rafters of the garage, and Dog actually wants to go outside.

Another sure sign of spring? I’ve just ordered a summer crop share from a local farm! Not quite as local as last year, but still a farm from southwestern Minnesota. I heard about this farm from a friend and was impressed with both their CSA program and their website. Pickup is at the Midtown Farmers Market in South Minneapolis. A location I usually get to each week anyway.

I ordered a quarter share; just enough for the two of us (three if you count Dog). It also means I only have to pick up every other Saturday. I’m looking forward to the bag of goodies I’ll work through every other weekend. And I’ll be sharing the goodies with you, well visually at least. The list of produce I expect to pick up is impressive:

Tomatoes (50+ varieties)
Melons & Watermelons (20+ varieties)
Cucumbers (5+ varieties)
Mexican Sour Gherkins
Lettuce & Greens (10+ varieties)
Radishes (6+ varieties)
Potatoes (2+ varieties)
Carrots (5+ varieties)
Oyster Mushrooms
Summer Squash (5+varieties)
Winter Squash & Pumpkins (20+ varieties)
Beets (3+ varieties)
Turnips (2+ varieties)
Cabbage (2+ varieties)
Eggplant (2+ varieties)
Sweet Peppers
Hot Peppers
Fresh Flowers (10+ varieties)
Green Beans
Snow Peas

I am especially excited to get the little melons and kohlrabi.

More later, as I’m still working out the kinks. Look for more April 1!

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Watch for this blog to launch on April 1. April Fools Day….

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