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I started writing this blog shortly after I finished Grad School. I earned an MFA in Creative Writing and I could tell, even just weeks after completing my Thesis, that I needed to find another outlet for my writing or I wouldn’t keep at it. My focus was fiction, my thesis was a novel, so I started a blog about food. I love to cook, and more importantly, I love to eat. For the past two years I’ve written about dishes I’ve made, meals I’ve had at restaurants and anything else even remotely related to food. I loved it. I loved gathering ideas. I loved taking pictures of dishes I’d made. I especially loved it when I found a dish (in or out) that really moved me, either with it’s flavors, it’s plating or it’s story.

Then in March I had a baby.

Time became short, I rarely cook, I never bake. And what’s strange is I don’t miss it. But I do miss writing.

The goal of this blog was to get me to write, but after two years I had started feeling that I was forcing the writing. I’d post a photo and add a link and that would be that. And the writing all but disappeared. Since March I’ve taken many photos with the intention of putting them on the blog, but I haven’t had the chance to write about them. It’s been three months, I’m back at the day job four days a week and Baby is off at “school” those days. Strangely, that buys me some free time. It also allows me to think about where this blog is going.

And I think it’s time to slow down and bring this blog back to where I had intended it two years ago. To showcase my writing. My writing about food. So, in the future, expect more writing, but not as often. Real, substantial writing. I hope to still post recipes and photos, but they may be just that. With the writing coming at other times. We’ll see how it goes. And tell me what you want to read, what you want to see. Is there something you want to know more about? Like just what the heck is Kohlrabi? Or where’s the best Ethiopian Restaurant in the Twin Cities? Give me some time, and I’ll give you the answer, and not just a link to wikipedia. Okay?

So it’s time for a change. The rest of my life is changing, so why not my blog. And that’s the beauty of the internet. It can change. At any moment. Right?

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I met my Sis-in-Law in Hudson, WI a few days ago for some shopping and lunch with the kids. We went to Barkers and hid in the back between the strollers. The place is loud enough to handle a few kids and they were very accommodating. We each ordered a salad. Even though it was drowning in dressing, the chicken was perfectly prepared and really delicious.

Next time just the chicken sans salad.

As for Hudson, it’s a great little town for strolling and shopping. Especially half-way up the hill at Knokes, the ice cream and chocolate shop. How did I almost forget to mention it? Wow…

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The last two weekends I’ve had some bread from the Bikery in Stillwater. (through the In-Laws) Both loafs were amazing. One was a Cranberry Bread (with the walleye) and the other was just a baguette. But I love bread. And this was good bread.

The Bikery is a bakery, bike shop and coffee shop just up the hill from beautiful Stillwater, Minnesota. Someday I’ll get there in person. Until then I’m relying on the In-Laws to keep me stocked! (hint)

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