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The in-laws went to Lake of The Woods last summer and did some Walleye fishing.


And finally, we had a fish fry to gobble up that amazing fresh-water fish. We used a beer batter (with Newcastle) so I knew it would be good. I went outside with the baby and the three dogs to keep them away from the hot grease while frying. When we came back in, we were ready to eat and it was amazing. The batter was thick and the walleye was delicious.


We were sent home with a platter of leftovers and spent the next two days eating walleye fillets around the clock. I think each piece I has was better than the one before. Yum.

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A friend called the other day in need of a Spring Form Pan. I have one, and while I’ve used it only a handful of times, I’ve loaned it out more. And this time when I got it back, it had a few pieces of the most delicious chocolate cake in it. It had a Grand Marnier frosting, and while it looked really rich and dense, it was surprisingly light and not overwhelming at all. I will need to get the recipe, or maybe just loan out the pan more often. Anyone need to borrow it?

The recipe is after the jump… feel free to share:


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IMG_3224I saw sweet corn at Super Target, and knowing it was a little early in the season, I had low expectations. But this corn was good! Really sweet and the kernels popped when bit into. It’s just a preview of the delicious food we have to look forward to this summer. Nothing better than locally grown goodies. Yum.

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I introduced our new daughter to our favorite restaurant, Sea Salt Eatery


She didn’t order anything, but the rest of us loaded up with Calamari (best in the twin cities), Fish Po’Boy, a Oyster Po’Boy, Red Curry Soup and Fish Tacos. We made it there about 20 minutes after they opened for the season and it was as if they had never closed for the winter. We’ll be returning quite often, too often probably, but the daughter will just be along for the ride until next season. More for us!

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