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Jen and I went over to the Rose Garden at Lake Harriet today, and after seeing the beautiful flowers, it’s hard to believe it’s already the end of September. Summer is over. But now the fun cooking begins! It’s time to think of Winter Squash, Hearty Chili’s, and Long-Roasted Dishes. I can’t wait. I think Pumpkin Soup will have to be made soon. Anyone have a killer recipe I should try?

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Daughter and I made it over to the St. Paul Farmer’s Market this morning and loaded up on goodies for both of us. For her, we picked out Cauliflower and a beautiful Butternut Squash. For Husband and I, we picked up a pile of Red Peppers (for soup), some Fresh Basil (for pesto), as well as some Corn, Bison Burgers and Honeycrisp Apples for immediate munching.

IMG_3642 copy

The market is so beautiful this time of year. The piles of tomatoes are endless and I had to control myself so I didn’t buy a bushel of everything that was offered. Even so, I could barely carry our purchases to the car, and that was with the help of the stroller.


When we got home, Daughter took a nap while I boiled and pureed Cauliflower, Pureed Basil with oil, garlic and walnuts, and Roasted some sweet potatoes from the co-op. Now we’ve got frozen pesto to get us through the long winter, and she’s got two more batches of homemade baby food to fill her belly.


Have I mentioned lately how much I love my farmer’s market? Especially in September? Aaauhhhhh.

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9-9-9 Tomato


I picked my first full-size tomato last week. The date was 9-9-09. I wonder when I picked my first one last year. And wonder when I’ll pick my first one next year.

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