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Under the weather. Still. This sucks. Back soon with sewing, sharing and a trip to the farmer’s market.

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A few years ago I walked into my first Dean and Deluca in Georgetown. I fell in love. Now I make it a point to visit one whenever I’m nearby. Last weekend I spent a few minutes in the Broadway location while in New York. I was not disappointed. In addition to some tea, spice rubs, and of course chocolate, I picked up this great tin of leg0-shaped candy for Husband. What fun! The actually click together!

Do you have anything fun planned for this long weekend? I plan to relax, eat some yummy food at Sea Salt and have dinner (no, I’m not dancing) with some friends for a birthday.

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I saw so many amazing things in New York, how could I not? But among everything there were two artists that stood out to me. I ran into the first artist, Kristiana Parn, at the Union Square Green Market with Jen. We walked straight to her booth and I immediately bought this print. I love her simple style and whimsy sense of humor. Of course the Giraffe’s are my favorite, but the bunnies are pretty darn cute too.

The following day, Patricia and I found ourselves at the Hester Street Fair where we met Jewelry Artist (and Actor!) Saska Devries. I fell in love with her bold colors and unique combinations. I tried on a bracelet and a few rings, but with my super skinny fingers, nothing fit. I kept her card and hope to have something custom made someday. Until then, check out her shop. Beautiful.

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We had so much good food this past weekend. Above are a few photos, below are some links if you want to find some for yourself!

The Smile

Hester Street Fair

The Sweet Life

Il Corolla

Terrace Bagels

Sweet Melissa Patisserie

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I spent the last four days wandering around New York City with some amazing friends. I feel refreshed and inspired and exhausted. Over the next days and weeks I’ll tell you all about what I saw and heard and ate. The above map was where I was Sunday morning, walking back to the hotel after a quick trip through the Guggenheim. Amazing. Stay tuned…

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By the time you read this I’ll be on a plane to New York City with the girls for Jen’s Manhattan Meet-Up. As a surprise to the girls, I made them each a simple little wristlet to carry their goodies in the Big Apple. Have a great weekend, I know I will.

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Ruffle shirts, really embellished shirts in general, are every where this spring. I saw my first one a couple months ago on the J-Crew website and have been determined to make one ever since. So last week when I saw a list of tutorials on How About Orange, I had to get started. I ran to Target and picked up two t-shirts for $6 each. Then this weekend (during Naptime) I put this T-shirt together. It was really very simple, although it took a few minutes to get the ruffles figured out. (I won’t forget to mention that when I was sewing on the third ruffle I sewed straight through the back of the shirt and had to pull out the seam and do it again.) But yeah, it took about forty-five minutes and I think I really like it. Not sure if it’s dressy enough for work, but it might be perfect for walking the streets of New York next weekend. What do you think?

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Yesterday was the kick-off the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway. And I totally blew it. I wrote the date down in my calendar and I made a mental note in my head. And this morning when I turned on the computer I realized I totally, totally forgot. Geez. I had envisioned making a quick back-pack or another belt to giveaway, but, well, I totally, totally forgot. Wow.

So now I’m telling you about it. And there’s lots of great blogs out there giving away lots of great stuff. I’m afraid I’ll never have enough time to check out all the amazing links out there. But I’ll give it a shot. If you run into any blogs that I must visit let me know in the comments. So many links, so little time….

(One of the first new favorites is Leila and Ben. Check them out.)

Enjoy! and Good Luck!

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My Clematis

I planted a Clematis a few years ago. And then another the following summer. And then another last summer. Nothing ever bloomed, and rarely did they even grow. I just don’t get enough sun in my yard for flowers. And since they can’t be eaten, I never really cared that much.

And then a few days ago I was walking through the yard and I saw this. Beautiful white flowers. And they’re huge. And did I say they’re beautiful? And I realized that finally my Clematis came back. And I’m so pleased. I spent a few minutes leading it’s greedy little fingers up the trellis. Suddenly I care about flowers. Quite a bit.

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And sometimes I don’t feel like cooking. Or the cupboards are bare. Or I’d rather go to the club for a few minutes rather than cook dinner. On those days, and the days like today where the day job was non-stop all day long, we pick up the phone and order something Yummy from the Highland Grill. I love the variety of the menu, and everything is good. Tonight we both chose a special, Grilled Orange Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and a Cucumber-Avocado Salad. It did not disapoint. We didn’t have to cook and the best part? No dishes.

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