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shrimp dumpling and shark fin dumpling

We met a few (six) friends for Dim Sum this past Sunday. It was so much fun. And the Bloody Mary wasn’t too bad either!

pork dumpling and calamari ceviche

wasabi bloody mary

shrimp something, pork bun and fried spring rolls

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Shrimp Petso Fettucine

A pile of fresh, hot Fettucine, sautéed Shrimp, a half cup of Pesto, a generous splash (pour) of white wine, a dash of crushed red pepper and dinner is served. Yum.

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I met a couple dear friends for dinner on Monday night at a neighborhood favorite, Al Vento. I’ve been there a number of times for both dinner and brunch and I’m always happy to return. Monday night was no exception and a real treat. Not only was the company fan-tabulous, but the food was absolutely amazing.

We started with two Bruschetta, including the Olive Tapanade and the Sweet Corn Relish. I passed on the Olive option in exchange for more the Corn. And it was a great choice. The corn was so fresh I half expected to see a corn field behind the restaurant. And there was just enough red onion to give it a kick.

For my entree, I chose the Halibut over Cauliflower Corn Risotto with an Heirloom Vinagrette. Again, the corn. And I was so, so happy with my choice. The Halibut was prepared perfectly, crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside and surprisingly hot when it arrived. The rest of the plate accented the fish nicely and I am still dreaming of that Vinagrette today. We passed on dessert, although their tiramasu is just stunning and quite authentic. (I sort of speak from experience…)

It was a lovely meal, with lovely ladies, on a lovely patio, on a lovely fall evening. I wish we could do it every week…. Ah…..

That’s it for me for the week. We’re heading Up North to the South Shore for a few days….  lots of great food up there and you can read all about it next week. Happy Weekend to you!

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Husband and I were craving Sushi last week during our Stay-cation. Actually, we’re rarely NOT craving Sushi, but not usually able to chose a restaurant in the middle of the day in the middle of the week and go there. Without Daughter. But last week we were relaxing and eating and generally enjoying ourselves, so we headed over to Crave in Edina for a light lunch. We started with the beautiful platter pictured above. It’s the Yellowtail Jalapeno Sashimi and the blend of spicy, tart, sweet was really amazing. I could have eaten the whole platter myself, but Husband probably would have killed me. We also enjoyed the Mexican roll (Tuna, Jalapeno, Avocado, Spicy Mayo) and the Chipotle Ocean (Soft-shell Crab, Yellowtail and Chipotle Mayo). Along with a glass of Torrentes, it made for a delightful summer lunch. Just the two of us, some wine, some Sushi. Yum. Wish we could do that every week day.

Today at paper&clouds: Jumbo Crayons

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I saw this article in City Pages recently. They compared the Tilapia Tacos at Sea Salt with the Tilapia Tacos at Tin Fish. They liked both, but decided Sea Salt’s were better. I can now say I agree. We live near Sea Salt and it’s become our favorite restaurant, hands down, no debate. We had never been to Tin Fish until yesterday so we biked there along the Grand Rounds parkway and stopped for lunch along the way. Husband ordered the Crab Cake, I ordered the Tacos and we shared the Shrimp Nachos. And they were all good, the nachos were really good, just not Sea Salt good. Actually, nowhere near to Sea Salt good. Not even in the same area code Sea Salt good. But the line was short (no line) and the food came out quickly. And the bike ride? It was great. (But the ride to Sea Salt would be about 10 miles shorter.)

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And sometimes I don’t feel like cooking. Or the cupboards are bare. Or I’d rather go to the club for a few minutes rather than cook dinner. On those days, and the days like today where the day job was non-stop all day long, we pick up the phone and order something Yummy from the Highland Grill. I love the variety of the menu, and everything is good. Tonight we both chose a special, Grilled Orange Salmon with Mashed Potatoes and a Cucumber-Avocado Salad. It did not disapoint. We didn’t have to cook and the best part? No dishes.

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I found this recipe for Cornmeal-Crusted Tilapia with Cilantro Pesto in the Star Tribune a couple weeks ago and it was a wonderful new way to prepare tilapia. The crust was crunchy, the sauce was light and flavorful. We served it over mashed potatoes. I think we’ll be borrowing this method again, and again.

Note: I searched and searched for the recipe on the Star Tribune site, with no luck. But I did find it on the Washington Post site. Enjoy!

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