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I figured it out! Finally, a solution to my spice storage issue.  I was surfing along when I found this. I’ve considered the magnetic jars, and even have a few right now for decoration, but didn’t want to clutter up my wall with a lot of them. But inside the cupboard? Genius! So, I found these at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I’m sure two, maybe three, will fit in the cupboard.  So, now, I ask you, which spices do you use the most often? I’m planning to have room for 12. Which 12 spices should they be?

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Frozen Tomatoes

My mother-in-law keeps giving me tomatoes. And they just sit there on the counter. Waiting. So finally, I grabbed one of my many books on the local harvest and figured out what to do. Freeze ’em! I can freeze them? Yep. Apparently, if you wash and dry them thoroughly, core them , freeze them on a cookie sheet until frozen solid and then put them in freezer bags, they’ll thaw very nicely in the refrigerator months later. Huh. The book says the skins will just peel right off as they thaw, leaving you with a bag full of fresh tomatoes to be used wherever canned tomatoes would work. Splendid! So easy, so quick. And I have a full size freezer in the basement to store ’em. I just hope the book is right….

On a side note, the frozen tomatoes took on the most amazing, smooth texture. Cool.

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Well, I promised. And a promise is a promise. So here goes.

I’m changing things up. This blog, The Write Ingredients, is going back to it’s roots. It’s going back to Food. All about eating food, and cooking food, and exploring ingredients, local (and not-so-local) goodies, and chocolate. Because you have to have chocolate.

But, but, you say. But what about all the sewing and drawing and art fairs and all that stuff? Well, that’s moving to a new home. (This is where the drumroll comes in…). I’d like to introduce you to…

It’s my new blog which will host my creative endeavors, including paper goods, sewing fun, design (graphic and otherwise) and my dreams. I’m still working on the details, and the Etsy shop, but it’s all coming soon. (Like next week if I can get my %$$^ together).

So hang tight, add it to your reader, and I’ll see you after the 4th. Happy Celebrating!

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I made daughter a backpack. It was based on the drawstring backpack I made for myself a while back. I made hers roughly half the size, and used cord instead of making the straps. I used a bit of Fredrika fabric from Ikea (Bought 2 yards – couldn’t resist!). I love it. She loves it. She’s very proud of it, and every morning we put her yogurt and extra shoes in it and she wears it into school daycare. Her teachers Oooh and Aaah when she puts it on when I pick her up, and the other mothers ask me where I got it. Well, I will tell you!

Just not yet. Things are going to change around here. Not too much, just a little bit. More tomorrow though, I’m still putting the pieces in place. But no worries, you’ll be happy. And I’ll be happy.

Stay tuned….

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I finally finished a dress for Daughter. I planned to make a matching set, skirt for me, dress for her. (Remember this skirt? I finished it in time to wear it to Mexico? In January?)  Well, the dress took a wee bit longer. And after some issues with a mediocre pattern, I figured it out. I even found the perfect buttons for the shoulders, they’re little frogs! The fabric is Amy Butler. And I love it. I’m also glad I waited to finish it, because now it fits her beautifully.

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The Fat Quarter swap I signed up for a few weeks is complete! I sent off my package to New South Wales, Australia over a week ago, and received a package from Fran just last Friday. I sent Fran two Fat Quarters, actually, because I just couldn’t decide. I found these at Glad Creations in South Minneapolis (Thanks, Anna!) One was covered with Loons and the other Birch trees. The Birch fabric is just beautiful, the Loons are just kinda fun. I also sent a punching balloon for her young daughter. I sure hope she received it!

I’m thrilled with the fabric she sent. Check out the details in the photo below.

It’s covered in all sorts of fun creatures, and the detail is amazing. What am I ever going to do with this amazing fabric? Any ideas?

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I recently stumbled cross Sara’s blog and followed many of her links to find some amazing fabric. I’ve been a bit addicted to fabric lately, and know I need to cut back, but these are almost too cute to pass up.
These birds with chairs made me think of Jen’s orange chairs. Wouldn’t it make a whimsy and unexpected skirt?
I think these birds would make an adorable pair of pajama pants.
This metro cafe print would make a great apron, or oven mitts, or, well, just about anything.
If you had your choice of fabric, what would you make?

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