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I figured it out! Finally, a solution to my spice storage issue.  I was surfing along when I found this. I’ve considered the magnetic jars, and even have a few right now for decoration, but didn’t want to clutter up my wall with a lot of them. But inside the cupboard? Genius! So, I found these at Bed, Bath and Beyond and I’m sure two, maybe three, will fit in the cupboard.  So, now, I ask you, which spices do you use the most often? I’m planning to have room for 12. Which 12 spices should they be?

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I love Ina. She’s so real. And she loves to use lots of cream and booze in her feed. Did I mention I love Ina?

Her newest book, Barefoot Contessa, How Easy Is That? is definitely on my wish list. Is it on yours?

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Holiday Gift Idea #1

How cool are these Potato and Garlic Storage Bags from Crate and Barrel? If only I had a decent place to hang them….

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Kitchen Cure Update

Remember what my cupboard looked like last week?

I ran across this article in Real Simple and pulled myself from the couch and took 15 minutes to make it look like this.

Now I now what I have, how much I have and where it is. Amazing. And the best part? Nothing falls on my head when I open the cupboard doors. Marvelous! There’s still work to be done, and this was only week one of the Kitchen Cure. I’m heading to Ikea and the Container Store this weekend, so watch out! I’m gettin’ organized!

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Half a bagel, pizza sauce, string cheese and a couple olives. Delicious AND spooky!

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Wild Rice

A few relaxing days in the beautiful town of Bayfield will do wonders for a stressed out soul. A meal at Wild Rice, located just outside Bayfield, will make it even better. We ate at Wild Rice the first time about six years ago and we’ve been dreaming of going back ever since. Imagine the best restaurant you’ve ever been to. Now imagine it in the north woods, deep in the thick of the forest overlooking Lake Superior with black bears and other wild life wandering by. Imagine a beautiful building, with huge windows, outdoor fireplaces and trees growing between walls. That’s Wild Rice. And I haven’t even told you about the food yet!

We went last Saturday night and we knew we wanted to have the full experience. We left Daughter with the grandparents, and showed up a bit early so we could enjoy a glass of wine in the beautiful bar. I had a glass of Cellar No. 8 Pinot Noir, and Husband had a martini. Shortly after we arrived the bartender delivered a bowl of cheese puffs, tiny cheese puffs, full of flavor and highly addictive.

There were a number of people in the bar, and everyone was friendly and chatting about the black bar that had been rummaging through the dumpster moments before we showed up. One woman even passed around her phone so we could see the photo she took of the rascal.

After we were seated, and had a moment to go through the menu, an Amuse Bouche of Golden Tomato Soup arrived. Just a bite or two and it tasted exactly like a sun-ripened yellow tomato should.

For appetizers we shared the Salmon Carpaccio, which came with truffled potato salad and creme fraiche, and the Mussels with Crawfish, Spinach and Tomato Broth. Both were delightful, but I preferred the Mussels. The tomato sauce was light but just hearty enough for fall.

For my entrée, I chose the Duck Breast served with a Wild Rice Crepe and Butternut Squash Puree. I honestly chose it because of the sides, but the Duck was really, truly amazing. It was perfectly prepared, with a crisp outside and tender inside. The crepe and squash were the perfect combination. Husband ordered a Bison tenderloin, which looked (and tasted, yes, stole a bite) amazing and so perfect for a September meal.

We couldn’t pass on dessert. Even after everything we had eaten. It’s just not possible to drive 4 hours and skip dessert. Husband let me chose, so I picked a platter with a Pots de Creme (heavenly), cinnamon shortbread (sharp and crisp) and a Brownie Bite (fine, but nothing compared to the other two). I was in heaven. We were almost fighting each other for the last bits of the Pots de Creme it was so good.

We rolled out of the restaurant fat and happy. On the way back to our hotel we joked about sending Daughter home with the grandparents and going back there the following night. And the following. And the following. But we didn’t. But we do know we aren’t waiting another six years before we make it back there. If you’re ever in Northern Wisconsin, or even Southern Canada, for that matter, stop by Wild Rice. It’s a treat, a real-live-won’t-dissappoint-you treat.

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There’s a cool event coming up here in Minneapolis in a couple weeks. I don’t know much about it, but hope to stop by. From what I can figure out there will be food and wine and speakers. And it’s all local. Good enough!

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